Augment your staff

Let us construct a visionary team of software engineers, QA specialists, and Scrum Masters right for your business. We believe in efficient working and our working model is based upon the same.

How we provide solutions:
  1. We don’t only provide you with resources
    but also provide their implementations using the latest and best technologies
  2. We can constitute the best team suitingyour development type that is open-ended or fixed term
  3. We adhere to your methods and proceduresso that your team can manipulate tasks with an immersive experience
  4. You can preserve complete controlover the team by being advantageous of scalability and regulated administration
years of collaboration on average
weeks to start a team
average team size
Leading your organizational development:
Extended Team
Client manages the project, HR and the team mix
AeoLogic manages the workstation, office environment and recommendations for recruitment
Extended Team Advanced
Over time, skills and costs increase AeoLogic can rotate and manage your team ensuring the right mix of personnel for your project at all times
How do we achieve it
Highest skill recruitment at the needed location
Innovative team members, establish goals and provide complete support throughout the trial
Administration moreover skills for performance and potential
Not only technical development we develop people more personally
Awareness of the current market, benchmarking & proactive assessment