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Aeologic & Spicejet — The Beginning of an Era for Drone Deliveries

It’s 2020, I guess most of us already aware of what Drones are. But for the people who don’t know, the term ‘Drones’ simply means an unarmed aerial vehicle or machine.

But Drones are more than just the cool-looking flying objects. The real value of Drones lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently gather information on geography, infrastructure, environmental trends, and any other important data that can be used to determine actionable business decisions.

Ever since Drones showed up, they were on a constantly changing and evolving path and now their models come with such advanced features that allow them to perform tasks that we would never have imagined them doing 10 years ago. Drones were originally made to serve armed forces. They have been put to many uses since its inception and not just wars, mostly filming and commercial video production but today drones are serving multiple industries in areas such as surveillance, tracking, and other security purposes. Drones are known to do important work in relatively little time, things that humans take weeks or months to do.

For example, Drone technology is having a huge impact on warehouses and inventories in giant companies like Amazon and Walmart. Imagine ordering something from Amazon, and when you expect the delivery, you receive a message to come out of your house and receive the package, and instead of the delivery person, you see a drone hovering over your lawn with your package in it’s landing gear. How great will that be?

We clearly see the Drone-based deliveries, the future of logistics, and delivery businesses. Considering the present scenario across the world, we are hit by a Coronavirus Pandemic, where social distancing is the utmost priority, Drone-based deliveries of essential services can save thousands of lives.

Even though there are still some law issues that are keeping the idea from becoming the reality for Amazon, Spicejet, India’s second-largest low-cost airline has just gotten approval from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to conduct trials for Drones for it’s Cargo business.

The success of this trail will make SpiceXpress, the cargo delivery arm of this airline, deliver medical, Pharma, Essential, and eCommerce products. Even though the prime focus of SpiceXpress is the delivery of medical emergency parcels and essential supplies in remote areas, we are positive that the farther vision of the success of this trail will definitely change the way we see delivery systems in the world. Drones will ensure faster delivery, bringing down costs and will go miles to augment the business of shipment deliveries.

Aeologic Technologies is the leading company in the drone technology and the proud technological and analytical partner in the consortium along with drone manufacturing company, Throttle Aerospace, and air traffic awareness and collision avoidance service provider, Involia.

Testing of drone technology for last-mile connectivity and cost-effective cargo deliveries are a big leap in the air transportation of essential and non-essential supplies in India.

Era for Drone Deliveries


The human race is evolving so fast with technology playing the biggest role in it. One of those massive contributors to future advancement is Drone Technology. Drones are set to become the future of logistics with their reduced cost, higher convenience, and delivery time of fewer than 30 minutes. Also, keeping in mind the current scenarios in the world where humans are bound to distance from each other. In a pandemic like this, drones have proven to be lifesavers. The early adopters of this technology will prove to be the winners.

In India, this is the country’s first breakthrough in the drone advancement, and we at AeoLogic, feel nothing less than proud to be the Analytical and software brains behind this. We have been working on the advancement of drone technology since it’s inception.

At AeoLogic, we don’t just make software, we create solutions that expedite business growth and bring a change in society. We offer a wide enterprise solution range from Retails, Healthcare to Logistics, travel, and many more. Our enterprise analysts offer a set of business automation services that help the business move forward with a much faster speed. We help you stay on top of the competition by developing automation solutions for your business.

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