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IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

The time that we are living in, the present, is the most technically advanced it has ever been. With these new technologies come advancements in every area of business, from customer-facing technologies to predictive inventory to transportation management. “Smart tech” is transforming the way companies do business — including an impact on your company, whether…

Internet of Things in Smart Cities

How IoT is transforming Smart Cities

Every day, we connect millions of devices to the internet. Today, these mobile computers help us communicate with a wide range of sensors and smart devices present in our environment. Take car care, for instance. By downloading a diagnostic tool app and connecting your phone to your car, you can scan and receive codes to…

ML and AI Transforming in Healthcare

Machine Learning and AI — Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is currently experiencing a massive digital transformation. There has been stable progress since the introduction of technology in this sector. Tech components like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things have helped in streamlining health care delivery and treating severe diseases. What is AI…

IoT Transforming in Manufacturing

How is IoT Continually Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

Businesses change as technology changes. Paper-based, on-site systems have given way to enterprise applications and cloud-based solutions. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, unmanned systems, and more will continue to reshape business models and customer experience touchpoints within the service and manufacturing fields. And organizations are now using these revolutionary technologies to help generate greater…

IoT in Healthcare Sector

How Is IoT Going To Transform The Healthcare Landscape

When we talk about healthcare, the first thing you visualize is hospitals and medical practitioners. A lot has been made possible in the field due to the availability of IoT devices. Traditionally as well, doctors always used to rely on a variety of investigations to diagnose a patient’s symptoms before prescribing medicines. Today, with the…

technology trends of 2020

Latest Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses in 2020

The frantic adaptation rate of new digital technologies around the globe is surprisingly overwhelming. The present digital ecosystem is transitioning from social, mobile, analytics, cloud to distributed ledger and quantum computing. More, digital maturity with new technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT is slowly taking the industry towards a new technological revolution. Here’s a…

IoT and Blockchain

Best Ways IoT and Blockchain are Transforming Supply Chains

Up to this point, it is agreeable that the sheer amount of disruption that Blockchain is poised to cause in the logistics industry is massive. From validating provenance along the supply chain to creating transparency, the benefits are perfectly timed for the current ‘Amazon effect.’ It gets even better when you consider the fact that…

Future of Information Technology Industry in India

Bill Gates once said that information influenced changes are happening at the speed of thought. This information field is moving so fast that, any plan will become obsolete before governments can act on it. Information technology that comprises of all new commuting technologies and communications has seen tremendous growth in the last decade of the…