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RFID Technology in Warehouse

Top 5 Reasons for Using RFID in The Warehouse

Management of inventory is very crucial to all company’s bottom lines. We have heard several times while working with the warehouse team that it is not a child’s game. The complexity in managing a warehouse is huge and sometimes beyond expectations. With best practices, we understood the core for managing inventory in a warehouse which…

RFID in Warehouse

How RFID Is Taking Warehousing to the Next Level?

Warehouse operations: a hectic and tedious job to carry out which is obviously aren’t very glamorous, but they do provide a huge impact on the business and act as a key part of the supply chain. Warehouses and local supply centres are a critical link as products move globally into the hands of customers. The…

RFID in retail

RFID in Retail : Why It’s Good for Retailers and How to Use It?

RFID in retail comprises RFID tags on products that transmit signals and are received by RFID readers which are then processed by the customized software. This enables generating real-time results for stock tracking, transactions, inventory levels or individual customer purchase order history. RFID in retail simplifies the typical and hectic retails entry process which is…

Best Used RFID Tag in Food Industry

5 Ways RFID Tags Are Used In The Food Industry

RFID technology is considered to be the best in the industry when it comes to better handling of raw materials and finished products in the food industry. Traditionally, barcodes have been used to give an identification of an individual product. RFID has been evolved drastically and now considered to be the advanced technology that has…