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Technology in Supply Chain Visibility

How Technology Can Help You Improve Supply Chain Visibility

With the advancement of technology in almost every industry across the globe, consumer behavior has changed drastically. Today’s customers want everything fast and at ease. They even want to know the real-time status of their order if it has been done online. This is one of the biggest reasons businesses have started shifting their way…

RFID in Warehouse

The Reasons for Using RFID in the Warehouse

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is used to establish a one-to-one unique correspondence between the acid and RFID tags. The RFID tags transmit data to RFID readers to realize the locating and tracking of products. Traditional automated inventory systems require a lot of hardware installations such as antennas and readers but still struggle to support item-level visibility….

RFID technology in eCommerce

How RFID technology Helps You to Manage Your eCommerce

Nowadays the word shopping does not only mean shopping in some marketplace from a particular shop it also means shopping anywhere from any online store via the internet. This changing world of consumer demand has given a rise to eCommerce. A Brief About RFID Technology RFID technology involves radio waves or radio frequencies which are…

rfid technology in supply chain

How Does RFID Technology Improve the Supply Chain?

Supply chain traceability has improved dramatically in the last couple of years with the implementation of radio frequency identification(RFID) technology. Effective traceability is one of the biggest reasons the world has seen a boom in the usage of RFID in various industries because of its phenomenal results many industries have reaped the benefits from it….

RFID tracking Technology

Why RFID Tracking Technology is the Best Solution for Logistics

Radiofrequency identification(RFID) technology is the best technology to be used to track objects efficiently and effectively. These objects can be of any type of product, birds or even animals. How does RFID Capture the Data? The radio frequency identification(RFID) technology involves two main components one is the RFID reader and the other is the RFID…

RFID in Library

How RFID is Making Libraries Smarter?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the latest technology which is very accurate and precise to be used in libraries. The theft detection systems are purely based on RFID. The RFID-based systems that makes libraries smarter and helps to detect the unauthorized removal of library materials, speeding staff charge and discharge, simplify and speed patron self-charge…