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artificial intelligence (AI) in the retail industry

How Automation and AI Is Giving A Boost To The Indian Retail Sector

Just like every other industry implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in the retail industry is resulting in giving astonishing results. In the business world, AI is radically transforming many industries with the ability to identify patterns and detect anomalies in mountains of digital information. It’s adding new insights and possibilities and once trained is tireless and processing many standard tasks. How artificial intelligence (AI) in retail is beneficial for retailers you’ll come to know in this blog.

Brief About Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Undoubtedly, it is a powerful new digital technology that is emerging. Artificial intelligence (AI) learns from data and enables complex processes to be automated independent of human intervention. This results in making things faster, less prone to errors and more efficient. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In The Retail Industry

In the retail industry, with the implementation of AI, there are many companies that have developed AI-based departments of excellence. The innovations work by using AI to cross-check scanned items, helping to detect and prevent fraudulent barcode use by consumers. A study found that retailers in different parts of the world experienced a shoplifting rate from the self scanners, nearly double the industry average. With a turnover of almost a trillion dollars, the retail grocery market alone could make annual savings of more than 80 billion dollars. It gets achieved by reducing self-service shrinkage to industry norms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhances Customer Experience

AI is already helping to deliver and improve the retail experience without consumers even realizing it. Retailers are making use of deep learning to analyze data from multiple channels; both digital and in-store via sensors or video analysis.  In this way, they can now deliver and enhance a more personalised customer experience and integrate bricks and mortar activities into the digital world. By customizing the in-shop experience for that customer, the solution creates opportunities for higher turnover for a service station. Spread over the customer’s chain through multiple stations, this amounts to potential annual extra profits of millions of dollars. 

Improves The Sales Funnel

The data provided by the AI engine, in addition to this, generates new sales funnel information from the numbers, and brands of vehicles coming to its estate. This happens, because up to the actual sales per vehicle allows the retailer to generate KPIs such as, transformation rates and compare store-by-store performance and optimize its business efficiency. Even if digital in the wider retail environment can seem new, organizations cannot just write off previous investments. For example, to leverage existing investment extent and maximizes usefulness in the digital world, implementation of AI solutions can be applied on top of existing CCTV cameras.

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Additional Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In The Retail Industry

  1. AI can find patterns in customer behaviour from prior purchases, demographics, decisions, etc. This allows retailers to personalise their interactions with customers and present more relevant experiences that drive and enhance conversion rates.
  2. Average order value and customer support AI-powered recommender engines can make recommendations based on tens of thousands of data points. AI models are perfect to optimize collections, as different stores can have different customers. By looking at previous factors of the display, weather, and inventory capacity.
  3. AI can also look at a variety of factors like past sales, local trends, and online behaviour. This allows to sell products at full price and avoid stock outs as inventory can be arranged before products run out. Competing with online or omnichannel competitors, companies need to better position themselves through careful price management.


To sum up, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the retail industry results in boosting the performance of retailers across the globe. In the coming years, the use of artificial intelligence will be going to increase at a phenomenal rate. So, this will no longer be used to only give a competitive advantage, but rather it will become necessary for the business to survive. To avoid such scenarios, we’ll suggest you implement artificial intelligence (AI) in your business. Are you looking to implement artificial intelligence (AI) into the retail business? If yes, so, please feel free to contact us at support@aeologic.com