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role of Artificial intelligence in web development

Presence Of AI in Web Development


Artificial Intelligence in Web Development -AI enhances nowadays everything around us every next technology and gadgets have artificial intelligence involved within it.

Now if we refer websites, their main focus is upon building a front end according to their business and customers they are dealing with artificial intelligence is what makes it more expressive and efficient since customer feels like they are treated in the best way possible.

Main features of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

  • It makes searching even faster than usual
  • Makes interactions with visitors even better
  • Provides a more relevant customer experience
  • Effective marketing to the targeted consumers
  • Personalized store experience to the user

For website development in terms of AI some applications are much popular and one of them is ” Adobe Sensei “.


“Artificial intelligence is changing the way business works”, and Adobe Sensei is leading the way, powering creativity, workflows, and digital marketing — making each customer experience more amazing and more personalized artificial intelligence is changing the way business works. And Adobe Sensei is leading the way, powering creativity, workflows, and digital marketing — making each customer experience more amazing and more personal.

As stated by Mr. Sid Shah :

“Good AI makes life easier. Great AI gets out of the way.”

Sid Shah
Senior Director, Customer and Product Analytics, Adobe.

AI shows it’s presence in our day to day life since we use it anyhow without even aware of it from google smart searches to e-commerce recommendations to voice assistants.

Adobe is already using AI, machine learning, and deep learning to make creating and delivering digital experiences easier, faster, and better.

1. Creative and content intelligence: Adobe Sensei understands the language of images, illustration, and animation and helps you to handle the time consuming and repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time executing your creative vision. Adobe Sensei searches and understands large amounts of content at a deep level, like the sentiment of documents or the aesthetic qualities of images.

2. Experience Intelligence: Adobe Sensei helps you to deliver relevant, personalized experiences in real time, learning what customers want, identifying significant events and making recommendations to reach the right customer at the right time.

3. Open Framework: Adobe Sensei is the extensible AI and machine learning framework of Adobe Experience Platform that helps enterprises and partners build customized workflows and applications.

Let’s Further move ahead towards the pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence in Web Development :


  •  It provides better and enhanced user experience: While using AI technology the developer takes into consideration it’s end users like for whom it’s meant for. As we know, users of a website are customers (and they will share their experiences). It’s important to make sure that your products are easy to find and customers can easily purchase them. So AI makes it more re-presentable which enhances the experience.
  •  Provide Personalized content: The content can be personalized or you can say it can be tailored according to the users or customers. AI can suggest new music, videos and other relevant content for users based on their past behaviors. Users can feel comfortable discovering new content while being confident that they will find it relevant.
  •  Voice Search Optimization: It’s one of the latest topics of discussion since every e-business sites are trying to add this smart feature of AI, as it makes searches faster and it works for both desktop users and mobile users since AI optimize it accordingly  


  •  It is the direct Replacement to humans : According to a study it’s stated that by the end of 2030 almost 90% of the jobs will be threatened by the presence of AI technology .This may include web design, graphic design and mobile app design. So it’s in other words direct replacement to humans.
  •  Can lead to privacy Issues : Since AI uses the personal information of the users for better optimization and increasing the customer experience so often some customers gets uneasy with it . Software such as analytics when combined with AI has unlimited potential to mine customer data and insights.
  •  Lesser impersonal interactions :  Nowadays chat bots are used for interacting with customers like for handling and solving out their problems but on the other hand some customers might feel unsatisfied since there’s absence of personal interaction which can result in losing those customers.


Since we have observed that AI has both Pros as well as Cons in web design we can predict that it has positive future , by implementing Artificial Intelligence in Web Development since it makes it more enhancing .Yes it’s even a threat to humans since it can become their replacement in the upcoming future but on the other hand there’s even a fact that machines can do human work faster but they can’t take innovative steps .

Last but not the least we can just predict and assume what’s going to happen in the future which is really dynamic so let’s see . Next blog will be about something related to mobile applications.