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Role of Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Industry

Role of Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Industry

Digital transformation is one of those buzzy phrases that is getting thrown around, much like “artificial intelligence” and “big data”. Few leaders, however, are recognizing the role of digital transformation in the hospitality industry.  However, digital transformation is not just about technology investment. But, refers to the ways organizations are restructuring themselves to adapt and alter corporate culture to empower innovations that are leveraging technology and take their businesses to new levels of growth.

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Role of Digital Transformation in Hospitality Industry

The term digital transformation is referring to the ability of an organization to change its approach to technology, people, and processes. For impacting business performance and delivering value to consumers. Digital transformation is closing the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses deliver.

The role of digital transformation in the hospitality industry is consisting of some digitization of assets and/or increased use of technology. However, for a transformation to be successful, it must holistically entail cultural and operational changes as well. This is implying a change in leadership and the adoption of a new business model. Therefore, evolving the company culture, or reassessing how the company delivers value to its customers.

Digital Transformation Strategy for Hotels

Hotel owners are understanding that there are many goals a digital transformation can help achieve. The mission in approaching digital transformation is to pick the goal with the highest impact. Digital transformation is helping to:

  • Increasing digital revenue and website traffic
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving product and service quality
  • Improving customer outcomes

Hence, picking one of these goals, or something similar, to begin your digital transformation. Therefore, pegging your technology acquisition to a specific outcome will drive the operational and personnel changes necessary to be successful.

How Digital Transformation Technology is Impacting the Hospitality Industry?

Subsequently, for digitally transforming your business, you need to adopt a digital-first mindset. Again, this is implying in making digital technology and data a core part of your business strategy. Also, using it to drive decisions across the board. It also implies creating a customer-centric culture that is focused on delivering great digital experiences. And finally, it is embracing change and continuously innovating to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s look at how digital transformation is impacting the industry.

  • Increasing website traffic and digital revenue.
  • Lowering operational expenses
  • Improving the quality of products & services
  • Enhancing customer experiences

There are several benefits of enabling digital transformation in your business. The role of digital transformation is creating a more efficient, effective business that can better meet customers’ needs and wants. It is helping to reduce the costs of operations and make your company more competitive in the market. However, the industry is leaping in interest and transforming customer experiences with digital transformation solutions.

Digital transformation in the hospitality industry can be used in several ways for improving the guest experience, operational efficiency, and bottom-line performance. For instance, hotels are using digital check-in and check-out processes, as well as online reservations and guest self-service portals. Additionally, hotels are using big data and analytics to glean insights about guest preferences and behavior. Also, using these insights to improve marketing and operations. Finally, they are using mobile apps to provide a seamless and convenient experience for guests from booking to check-out.


The days of the huge, centralized business are over. It’s time for embracing the new reality: businesses are leading the way in digital transformation and they’re doing it in a more mobile, less expensive way. Over the last few years, the hospitality industry is continuing to grow and evolve, with new technologies like blockchain and smart contracts coming to market. Subsequently, while these new technologies are exciting and have the potential to revolutionize the way we do business, the hospitality industry still has a long way to go before they become mainstream.

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What is digital transformation in the hospitality sector?

Digital transformation of a hotel is referring to implementing technology into existing operations. The process is completely altering the ways your hotel runs and provides service to guests. That is a broad concept, and there are many approaches to achieving a digital transformation.

What is the role of digital transformation in the hospitality industry?

Digital transformation is putting technology at the core of the business strategy. This approach is reducing operating expenses and inefficiency. It could even transform the course of your business. With a unified model across business and technology, it’s easier to accomplish future ambitions.