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Role of Technologies and Mobile Apps in Waste Management

Role of Technologies and Mobile Apps in Waste Management

With the growing population globally, waste generation is elevating up without ay doubt. Urban cities are finding it difficult for managing such wastes for further separation, recycling, transformation and much more. The solution, mobile apps in waste management will help in controlling the waste generation. Read on to find out how.

Analyzing the facts and figures, we established that by 2050, municipal solid waste generation around the world will boost nearly by 70%. And reach 3.4 billion metric tons. Several different aspects are accountable for this continuous rise. Such as urbanization, economic growth, population growth, and consumer shopping habits.

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How Can Technologies and Mobile Apps In Waste Management Help?

Smart waste management can be defined as any process that is performing with embedded technology for making the complete waste management process cost-efficient, effective, and nature-friendly.

Usually, such systems employ Internet of Things (IoT), AI and several trending technologies for collecting waste  and optimization of it. And moreover, encourage future innovation.

Smart Waste Bins

These might be helping in the automatic tracking and categorization of recyclables. Of course, while disposing of it, people don’t bother sorting their waste. Therefore, companies are working on making waste sorting automated. As well as recycling in order to save efforts and the workforce.

For instance, a company in Poland, Bin-e, built a smart waste bin that incorporates AI-based object identification. For preventing manually categorizing recyclables into separate segments. After that, the machine facilitates in compressing the waste and checks and monitors the bin-fill capacity.

E-Waste Kiosks

In this, collection kiosks are mounted in different arena for letting people assist in dumping of their waste appropriately and get money for that.

Such machines are helping in allowing people to exchange their electronics for cash right on the spot. Subsequently, they don’t provide cash for the broken or destroyed devices. They just accept phones, tablets, and MP3 players in all conditions. All while making sure of proper recycling.

AI Recycling Robots

Moreover, recycling centers are assisting in mitigating the trash amount that fills up in waterways and landfills every year. For instance, AMP Robotics, a Denver-based startup, built robotics systems that helps in sorting to-be recycled material. Moreover, it is helping businesses, governments, and NGOs in getting good recycling rates and offers maximum volumes of post-consumer recycled material.

AI Waste Sorting

Errors in waste categorization may produce result in improper disposal. Hence, moving towards missed recycling or reuse opportunities. Manual monitoring can be performed. However, it will prove to be expensive and inefficient. Here comes a solution powered with artificial intelligence, AI. AI-waste sorting streamline the process of separating the materials as per the the categories and boosts the recycling process.

For instance, HERA, a leading multi-utility in Italy, is one of the fighters battling to help in mitigating environmental damage and reduce waste. And, it facilitates in keeping cities cleaner with mobile apps in waste management. All by using AI. So HERA involved IBM for building AI-based solution development for structuring the process cost-effective and fast.

How Can An Mobile App in Waste Management Automate Practices?

In order  to accomplish the checklist of required jobs. However, these are proving to be expensive, time-consuming and require more manpower. Following are some features that could turn out to be useful in such an app.

  • Automation of waste management tasks: also,such apps may be supporting with the organization of storage in a better way, simplifying waste verification and providing real-time monitoring of waste in varied areas. Such as its collection, segmentation, conversion into resources and power generation.
  • Finding dumpsters integrating geolocation: Geolocationprocesscan be entailed in waste mobile apps for helping the users in finding out a dumpster in their nearby position for disposing off their household waste.
  • Support service: Embedding waste management apps, people could thus report complaints about delayed garbage collection in their locality.

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Final Word

The implementation of technologies may prove to be a cost-efficient way of sorting and recycling waste. In fact, we can anticipate an increase in the tech’s impact on waste management in the near future.

Apart from keeping the surrounding clean and pollution-free, such inventions and apps can produce new employment opportunities and income for the development of urban and rural regions.

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