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The Role of Collaboration and Communication in Successful Testing

The Role of Collaboration and Communication in Successful Testing

In the process of a software development lifecycle (SDLC), there might be situations that will drive you to scenarios like, “it is the defect from the developers’ end that the product’s feature is not operating”. “ We have got no hint about the process!”  Therefore, it is important to have efficient collaboration and communication in testing. Hence, building software is difficult and you have to work with several team members and individuals for accomplishing it. We are going to have a glance at how DevOps can help with collaboration and communication in testing to enhance the quality of your software.

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Top 4 Ways to Promote Collaboration and Communication in Testing:

The development of software/products entails a varied set of individuals from different departments. Nonetheless, the two most significant ones are the developers and the testers who are accountable to provide life to the product. An actual alliance of the two can produce birth to faultless software. Following are the four most productive approaches to make quality assurance and development collaboration and communication in testing successfully:

Communicating Effectively:

For accomplishing successful collaboration among teams, communication is the answer. The relationship between a development team and a QA team is founded on their working outline. However, if there is an absence of definite communication between them it will be causing various issues during the process. The software development lifecycle relies on both teams. On the other hand, a development strategy will only be working with coordination, which in turn needs a smooth flow of communication.

Making Your Tasks Visible:

Here, mentioning making your tasks visible implies getting your work observed by others. When working with different teams, it is imperative that you are making the other teams conscious of your tasks. Furthermore, a development team will not understand by themselves the job of a testing services team and quality assurance team, and it is equal to the others. Hence, this would be driving toward assumptions, and it then will be leading to misunderstanding, time, wasted resources, and efforts. Therefore, it is important to keep on with the workflow process and share every update and information within the teams. Hence, this way it will direct toward better coordination, improving results, and rapid delivery of the product.

Taking Feedback Positively:

The software testing process tests a product, identifies if there is any functional gaps, and increases its efficiency. Accordingly, it certainly implies that issues will be arising, and they need to be answered. Nonetheless, when the response is shared by the testing team or development team it is ought to be considered constructive and positive. The end objective for both the teams is to accomplish excellence and effective software. And, thus feedback will be shared, and important alterations must be made. However, it is important that each of the teams learn from these faults and recover for the next one.

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Making ‘Quality’ the Common Goal:

Whether it is the QA team or the development team the product/software that requires to be developed and tested remains the same. On the other hand, the teams are different, however, their work is entirely interdependent on each other. And thus, their objective must be the same. Their task should not just about be developing any product, for the development team. But a product that is having maximum quality with the smallest defects. Similarly, for a QA team, it is not just about finishing their testing, however, prioritizing the responsibilities and testing in a way that a quality product can be delivered. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the common objective for the teams is ‘standard’ and not just completing their tasks. Moreover, this will also be enhancing the collaboration and communication in testing between the two teams and making sure of the delivery of high-quality software.

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Wrapping Up…

Testing and coding for a product are intricate tasks to do. Therefore, you should be expecting the development and the QA and testing services teams to be passionate and dedicated towards attaining their goals whilst paying huge respect for the same. Nevertheless, it is essential that you practice these best ways and aid your teams to work in good collaboration to attain their common targets. There would be many ups & downs on the path but holding onto each other will create way for better outcomes in the end. Hence, leading to a flawless product and a enjoyable customer experience.

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