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Top IoT Solutions Companies to Watch Out in 2023

IoT technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries. Automation become possible because of IoT. The concept of smart homes, smart cities and all smart things become possible only because of IoT. All in all, IoT changed a lot of things around us.

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IoT combined the real or physical world with the digital world. This amazing IoT technology has changed the dimension of the business world. Now, the business world become more productive than ever before. As companies become more able to provide amazing products and services. Even IoT technology enables new forms of personalized and responsive customer experience. With the help of IoT devices, you can also enhance your safety digitally. 
Are You also looking for a top IoT solutions companies lists in 2023? Here is the complete list for you. you can choose one according to your requirements and budget scenario. 

Let’s begin… 

Top IoT Solutions Companies to Watch Out in 2023


SAMSARA is one of the top-notch IoT solution provider company. The headquarter of SAMSARA company is located in California US. Its data solution enhances operational safety. It uses the latest IoT technology sensors to manage and track vehicles and the business of a company. The fleet tracking system of SAMRAS is really amazing. It also offers cameras with a 360-degree view. 

You can choose SAMRAS IoT solutions if you are in the business of routing vehicles.

Best for medium size enterprises.

Rating – 4-star 

US-based company .

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2. AeoLogic Technologies 

AeoLogic Technologies is a specialized company providing custom IoT solutions. Our experts are curious and wanted to learn more about your business objectives so that they can help you accordingly. Our company will guide you on how to implement new IoT technology into your business for better growth. 

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Top-notch rating
Located in Noida India 


3. Johnson control 

It is one of the oldest IoT solution provider company established in 1885. The main work of this company is to make your company build smarter and create safe and healthy spaces. The reviews from the client side are also positive. Their control feature includes HVAC sensors. They also deliver the blueprint of the future for industries such as healthcare, school etc. 

Best for startups, small businesses as well as for big companies 

Rating- 3.6-star

Ireland based company 


Cisco offers a wide range of IoT solutions. From connectivity management sensors to automation. The product of companies used to develop smarter connectivity sensor or security grid. This company is mainly specializing in Cybersecurity and IoT solutions. And also best known for its computer networking services. 

Best for – automation companies 

Rating- 4.4-star rating

The main headquarter of the company is located in san Jose, California. 

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5. ARM 

the main purpose of ARM company is that it simplifies IoT connectivity. This company do all the work from automotive and retail to logistics and smart buildings. 70% of the company’s chip is meant for IoT and the embedded market. This company is best for large or medium size industries which are searching for IoT solutions.

Rating- 4.2-star rating 

The main headquarter of the company is located in san Jose, California. 


Augury is a top-notch IoT solution provider company. The company uses various IoT technology to provide their customers with the best predictive maintenance insight. The best IoT technology of this company eliminates the downtime of your company and improves productivity and efficiency. This is one of the best companies for the healthcare industry as it also prevents the failure of machines in hospitals. 

Rating- 4-star rating 

The company’s headquarter is located in Haifa, New York City. 

7. Vivint

Vivint company was founded in 1999. The company provide various IoT solutions and the main aim of the company is to provide the best security system and smart home technology. The company also has its own app which is used by customers to open and close doors, and for viewing the live video of their homes. The security system of Vivint is so amazing. It also triggers an alarm and also alerts emergency personal. So, if you are looking for the best security system for your company or business you can contact or take help with the IoT solutions of Vivint company. 

Best for every industry or business from startup to high-level

Rating- 4.3-star rating

The headquarter of the company is located in Provo, Utah

8. PTC

PTC gives or provides companies with computer-aided design, IoT and AR technologies. With the use of IoT technology PTC helps your company in improving operational safety and efficiency. If you want to improve the efficiency of your company with the latest IoT solutions then this company is the best fit for you. this is one of the oldest IoT solution provider company. 

Rating- 4-star rating 

The headquarter of this company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. 


With the help of IoT solutions, HOLOGRAM helps companies to connect their device to cellular networks. For HOLOGRAM it doesn’t matter which system company works it helps them in their connection. It provides hardware, software, connectivity and support to the company for better customer or client reviews. So, if you are looking for IoT solutions for the best connectivity for your company. Then this company is the best fits according to your need. 

Rating- 3.6-star rating.

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10. CSG 

CSG is an IT software company and the main service of CSG company includes IOT solutions or IoT monetization. It helps businesses or companies to earn revenue by offering digital services. It provides the best IoT solutions to its clients and the main aim of the company is to help its clients to optimize their operations, improve customer experience and drive revenue growth. 

Rating- 4.2-star rating

The headquarter of the company is based in Greenland village, Colorado.

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These are the list of top IoT solutions companies. They provide all the solutions which are necessary for this digital era. These companies will take care of all the things. Don’t search anywhere just go through the list and definitely you can find one according to your need and requirement. In the upper list, some companies are best for startups while on the other hand, some are best for big companies or business organizations you can choose one according to your requirements.

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