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Why Are Digital Businesses in Need of Digital Immunity

Why Are Digital Businesses in Need of Digital Immunity?

In order to understand digital business in digital immunity, you should first understand what a digital immune system is.

As per Gartner, a digital immune system (DIS) is a set of technologies and processes that facilitates a business or organization to secure its data and systems from persistent attack and exploitation

In other words, a DIS is a system that helps in safeguarding your enterprise from cyberattacks and threats. It performs this by enabling your organization in identifying and responding to threats promptly and effectively.

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Why is Digital Business in Digital Immunity Important to Software Development Teams?

Gartner states that digital immunity as the potential of a business to safeguard and sustain its operations in the case of a cyberattack.” In other words, it is your organization’s capability for maintaining business as usual in the event of a cyberattack or threat.

Software development teams (and, more widely, DevOps teams) tends to play an active role in protecting and increasing their organization’s digital immune system. They are tasked with building a strong defense approach. This will help in keeping systems up and running no matter what are the conditions. (https://idealhealth123.com)

Digital business in digital immunity is important for software development teams because it affects their potential to perform their jobs. It is also imperative because it secures the data and infrastructure of the organizations they are working for.

Achieving a Flourishing Digital Immune System

So now that you understand what a digital immune system is, how it works, and how can you get one? Following are some tips to make sure that your software application is well protected:

  • Automate code changes for detecting potential risks rapidly.
  • Increase code coverage by testing for regions you may not have earlier
  • Ensure test scenarios cover the entire range of user workloads, including peak usage times or sudden increases in need.
  • Using APIs and microservice architectures for making code and application updates more manageable and secure.
  • Implementing automated security testing for validating the safety and security of your applications.
  • Using constant performance testing for ensuring there is no degradation in performance when implementing new software releases.
  • Additionally, by using an automated testing solutions, you can streamline your protection and quality assurance processes for a more secure development lifecycle.

How Does Digital Immunity Connect to Software Quality?

In the end, digital immunity will help in boosting the standard of the software by augmenting the speed and accuracy of software releases. Since the ultimate goal is to verify through automation. That software and systems are always should be immunized against bugs, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks as soon as they are developed or released.
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Furthermore, by automating the testing process, we are able to identify and eradicate any issues or errors with the software from a usability, security, and performance standpoint. And while manual testing can be costly and time-consuming, automation will allow us to recognize bugs fast and effectively. That too, without having to compromise on quality.

Moreover, automated testing also helps in providing tangible data that can be utilized for informing decisions concerning future development and improvements. As you can keep track of the progress over time. Furthermore, automated testing platform facilitates your organization in creating a quick feedback loop that will keep your software healthy. While also boosting business performance.

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How Can Aeologic Technologies Help Organizations Achieve Digital Immunity?

When it comes to designing an excellent website or mobile application, testing is just as necessary as coding. However, with digital business in digital immunity, testing takes on an entire new importance. And this is where we can support you.

Aeologic Technologies offers a platform of continuous testing solutions for helping organizations quickly recognize potential risks and vulnerabilities in their applications before they become a problem. Not only do we help in ensuring that the platform supports the latest mobile devices, operating systems, browsers, and emulators and simulators. However, we also take the security of our own platform very seriously.

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