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Work Order Tracking in Manufacturing

Advantages of Using RFID Technology for Work Order Tracking in Manufacturing

Manufacturing presents the largest customer base for the RFID technology. It also showcases the industry in which there still is the most opportunity for development. There are so many advantages of using RFID technology for work order tracking in manufacturing. Ranging from asset tracking to work-in-process, the expectations are seemingly endless.


Manufacturing is a complicated and continuously developing industry that requires strict adherence to quality standards and productive management of resources. One of the major components in accomplishing these goals is the use of work orders.

This article posts the advantages of using RFID technology for work order tacking. It  deals about what a work order is, the encounters in work order tracking in manufacturing sector, the uses and benefits of using RFID for work order tracking in manufacturing industry.

A work order is a document that entails a detailed instruction, materials, and resources needed for completing a particular production job or task. Work orders are made from various sources such as  internal requests, customer orders, and production plans and are utilized by various manufacturing functions such as quality control, production planning, production control, and accounting.

However, there are several challenges when considering tracking work orders in the manufacturing sector.

Challenges in Work Order Tracking in Manufacturing Industry

Manual Processes

Several manufacturing companies are still relying on manual processes for tracking work orders. These processes tend to be time-consuming, prone to mistakes, and lack real-time visibility. Physical, paper-based work orders can be lost or misplaced.

Inaccurate Information

Without real-time visibility, it can be difficult for receiving accurate information about the work orders status. This will drive to delays and missed deadlines, therefore, dissatisfied customers.

Inefficiencies in Production

Moreover, inefficient production will be leading to delays and backlogs, creating it difficult for delivering work orders on time.

Advantages of Using of RFID Technology in Work Order Tracking in Manufacturing

Real-Time Visibility

RFID technology is providing real-time visibility into the progress of work orders. RFID readers are able to track the movement of materials and products throughout the entire manufacturing process, offering accurate and up-to-date data.

Production Efficiency

RFID technology also helps in improving production efficiency by mitigating the time it takes for locating and retrieving materials. Moreover, RFID readers can swiftly help in identifying the location of materials, decreasing the time spent searching for them.

Quality Control

RFID can be integrated for quality control by tracking the status of products and materials throughout the manufacturing process. This is ensuring that each product is manufactured as per the customer specifications and meets the quality standards.

Improved Accuracy

RFID technology is extremely accurate, mitigating errors or faulty systems and assuring that work orders are delivered on time.

Improving Production Line Efficiency

Does a particular part get paint where another part doesn’t get painted? Where does a particular part go next in the production line system? A quick read of the tag – even under a coat of paint – will be allowing you to streamline and categorize your production processes, freeing up valuable resources for using in other areas.

Tracking Equipment Maintenance

In addition, the potential to rapidly read and have crucial data about important production equipment readily available for implementation in the scheduling process is another approach to enhance production line efficiency. Advantages of using RFID technology in work order tracking in manufacturing will allow the use of this data for scheduling routine maintenance during off-peak times and keeping equipment available and running during busy periods. Therefore, it is ensuring that parts get out the door on time for your customers.

Helps Automate Product Receipt, Storage and Distribution

Nowadays warehouses are often using automation for speeding up goods receipt, picking and distribution, inventory storage, and RFID allows robotics and other technologies for identifying, handling and routing products.

Product tags are helping the robots to sense products and store them in or retrieve them from a particular location, whereas packaging tags are enabling automated technology to choose the ideal package types for particular items. Equipment tags assists robots in moving products using specialized picking and packing technology.

Furthermore automation technology will be reducing the need for human labor, which may decrease a company’s overall costs.

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Reducing Costs

RFID solutions can support in reducing overall costs by enhancing production efficiency, reducing the time it takes for locating materials, and improving the accuracy of work order tracking.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

By boosting production efficiency, identifying and fixing bottlenecks, decreasing delays, and augmenting accuracy, RFID technology are helping manufacturers in tracking work orders, delivering on time and meeting customer expectations, boosting customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up…

Aeologic Technologies, having a wealth of expertise and experience in deploying the advantages of using RFID technology for work order tracking across various industries, has designed and developed an RFID work order tracking system for addressing the work order tracking challenges related to the manufacturing industry.

To sum up, the integration of RFID technology solutions for work order tracking in the manufacturing industry can offer several benefits, such as improved production efficiency, real-time visibility, and augmented quality control.

This technology will be enabling manufacturers for delivering work orders on time and meeting customer demands. Its advantages are making it a compelling solution for manufacturers who are seeking to streamline and optimize manufacturing processes.

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