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VR and AR Boost Customer Experience in Retail

How VR and AR Boost Customer Experience in Retail

In today’s world especially after the global pandemic of the covid-19 world has seen a shift in consumer behavior from buying items by buffering around in the offline stores to browsing the goods online. This boom in online shopping will not go away anytime soon and to enhance the user experience and make it more…

Technology in Supply Chain

Best Ways Technology Makes the Supply Chain More Efficient

Technology in the supply chain has changed the overall functionalities and operations in a very good way. Technology has given its marvelous contribution to the world of business, every industry has revolutionized with the implementation of technology. The supply chain industry has also seen a boom in its efficiency by implementing technology. There are plenty…

Technology is Transforming Warehouses

Best Ways Technology is Transforming Warehouses

In every economy supply chain and logistics plays an important role and warehouses are the core of supply chain and logistics. Technology is transforming warehouses and making this core area more vibrant, productive, and strong like never before. The implementation of various technologies such as the Internet of things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics, Big…

Opportunities of Automation for Logistics

The Impact and Opportunities of Automation for Logistics

Automation for logistics has now being mainstreamed as the traditional way of conducting logistics and supply chain businesses involves a lot of human resources and manual functioning. This operational approach leads to making things complex, lacks proper communication, and increases the number of human errors which can result in huge losses to the organization. To…

Technologies in Logistics Industry

How New-age Technologies Re-wrought the Logistics Industry

Freight and logistics is a fast-paced and demanding industry. To succeed in the industry, you must provide quick differentiated service and value your customers on a daily basis; Unlike any other industry, the logistics industry faced many problems as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, which forced changes in its operational functions. The transportation and…

Technological Trends in Warehouse Operations

Four New Technological Trends Impacting Warehouse Operations

There are hundreds of SKUs and palettes in a warehouse, as well as selectors, leaders, and forklifts. Coordinating product receipt and shipments as well as touchpoints in between is key for efficient supply chain operations. Companies conduct this orchestra by warehouse management systems. Warehouse Management System No other location in the supply chain provides more…

How The Retail Sector is Using IoT

How The Retail Sector is Using IoT?

The IoT is reforming retail businesses. The expansion of IoT technology in retail is expected to exceed $35 billion by 2022. Retailers are using IoT technology to improve customer services and performance. If you work in retail, IoT technology can help you in several ways. The Internet of Things is playing a critical role in…

Technology in Retail

The Role of Technology in the Evolution of Retail

It would be an exaggeration to say that technology is transforming retail. Technology is not only transforming retail; it has entirely revolutionized the way we shop. This evolution process is never-ending. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented several issues for retailers, and technology is resolving all those challenges. In this blog, we will analyze the role…