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Benefits of Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System


Track and trace for pharmaceuticals lets you pinpoint any item’s current and once locales in your supply chain in real-time. It’s an important tool that no pharma company can do without, especially as further and further regulations dictate track and trace capabilities and specific conditions for recording and sharing supply chain data. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pharmaceutical track and trace systems.

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What’s Track and Trace?

Track and trace system is the capability to see everything in your supply chain.  Tracking means you are able to see where commodity is now and where it’s heading (e.g., a  plant, a  storehouse, a  drugstore or hospital). That “ commodity” can be a pallet of  particulars, individual boxes on that pallet, and the individual particulars inside each box.  Tracing means you are  able to see where an item has been and who has handled it (e.g., the date and time it arrived at a storehouse and when it was  packed to its final destination). There are several benefits of pharmaceutical track and trace system.

What’s the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System?

A track and trace system comprises factors that work together to insure effective product identification, data operation, and communication. These factors are  pivotal for accurate, real- time visibility and effective operation throughout the supply chain. A track and trace system generally utilizes technical software combined with product labeling, particularly barcodes (e.g., 2D Data Matrix canons) as unique identifiers, to achieve these capabilities.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System

What’s Track and Trace For Pharmaceuticals?

When designed and enforced rightly, a track and trace system for  pharmaceuticals does exactly what its name pledges. It tracks a  medicine, a vaccine, a medical device — anything in any configuration — as it moves forward through the supply chain and traces backward to reveal where it has been in the supply chain, all the way back to the individual constituents or factors that combined to produce it.

Tracking lets pharmaceutical manufacturers keep tabs on every item in their supply chains as they’re distributed. Its numerous benefits include optimizing functional  effectiveness and speed in the manufacturing process. It also protects against theft and diversion; observers products in conveyance to help insure they remain safe and environmentally stable; and  help fake,  thinned, or expired specifics from entering the  supply chain. Traceability lets you follow the trail of anything in your supply chain. It’s a crucial element in supply chain visibility and translucency. Its numerous benefits include fast and accurate recall operation capabilities, brand protection, accurate  supply operation, and  structuring consumer/ case confidence.


Serialization for Track and Trace Pharma

Track and trace for pharmaceuticals relies on a deliberate combination of technologies and processes. Its “structure block” is serialization, which endows a product with a unique identity that allows it to be tracked and traced 24/7 and authenticated at any time (e.g., previous to trade, at allocating, upon return, or during a recall).  Serialization also lets pharma companies “configure” their products to meet government regulations, numerous of which specifically dictate track and trace capabilities and related data conditions.

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Increases Productivity

One of the most important features of  medicine track and trace systems is that they support medicine manufacturers to contend among themselves. Thanks to the information attained from the system, studies can be carried out to increase the  effectiveness in medicine product and deals. In the United States and Europe, companies have expanded the compass of serialization and started to develop and utilize the benefits of pharmaceutical track and trace products using data matrix, RFID and QR Code. Thanks to these advanced medicine track and trace systems, the  medicine inflow between product and deals channels can be covered from beginning to end. All pharmaceutical manufacturers are  needed to track and trace all stages of their product process to insure that they’re producing in compliance with regulations.

Blocking Counterfeit Medicines

It is not possible for medicine manufacturers to fight fake and unacceptable  medicines on their own. Since there’s a veritably large supply chain, fake and  unacceptable medicines can be determined with the investments and cooperation of government and companies furnishing pharmaceutical track and trace results. Thanks to the medicine track and trace system, fake medicines can be averted from entering the supply chain at the first stage.

Medicine Track and Trace Challenges

We’ve listed in detail the numerous benefits of the medicine track and trace system. However, there are challenges encountered during the perpetration phase of this important system. The biggest of these challenges is the lack of a common standard.

Lack of Common Norms

The incapability to establish a public standard is the biggest challenge in the  operation and serialization of pharmaceutical track and trace  results. For  illustration, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked the pharmaceutical assiduity to set a general standard so that all  medicines can be tracked and traced. The purpose of determining a common standard is to unite all assiduity leaders under the standard to grease compliance processes.

Security Enterprises

Although pharmaceutical track and trace systems are veritably secure, some companies claim that the barcode system isn’t secure and that barcodes can be changed fluently. On the other hand, due to the fact that important particular information is included in the system, unauthorized people using the medicine track and trace system can also pierce the information of these people.

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Final Studies

In order for a pharmaceutical track and trace system to work efficiently and duly, the system must be established with government support and a strong hierarchical order. In case of any vulnerability in medicine track and trace systems, which operate regularly and faultlessly, the system only blocks the problematic area in order to help illegal deals and  break problems. Connect with us to know more about the benefits of pharmaceutical track and trace solutions.