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Benefits of Track and Trace in the Consumer Goods Industry

Benefits of Track and Trace in the Consumer Goods Industry


In a global business and with the increase in demand in the e-commerce arena over the last two years, it’s vital for companies to have visibility into their operations and into their supply chains. Supply chain traceability allows you to track products from source to consumer. It connects all the points in your chain together, keeping you in control of your brand and costs. It allows you to know in a moment which companies, products and processes your whole supply chain correspond of, how they relate to each other and how they perform. In this composition, we will discuss the benefits of track and trace in the consumer goods industry.

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Supply chain tracking is also vital to the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of numerous companies and organisations. The first stage in any tracking and tracing result is to determine what you need to  negotiate. Do you need a tracking result to meet regulatory conditions, to track supply or to cut back on waste? Failing to define what data you need to collect first will  probably allow the entire action to fail.  This where technology and data have a crucial place to play and provides the benefits of track & trace solutions.

Need of Track and Trace in the Consumer Goods Industry

Recording data is essential to any  result.  So why is data so important in traceability  results? Traceability depends upon detailed data about the status and movement of goods. To be suitable to achieve this, the goods must be marked with unique canons and identifiers to be  suitable to track each element at any stage in the  supply chain. One of the crucial reasons why goods are marked with unique identifiers is to insure companies misbehave with safety legislation and enable quality assurance. The data can contain details similar as place of manufacture, place of origin, type of item or best before date. Besides the data demanded to meet regulations, there are new factors to consider, for  illustration whether the item is sustainable?

As the data to be captured continues to grow, and the need to store further data, companies are using further and  further 2D barcodes, or QR canons, as they can store  further data than 1D. The data can also be  published or bedded on the particulars, or it may be held in a visual codes,  similar as barcodes, RFID  markers, or a ray  pronounced DPM codes. All these canons can be read by mobile or fixed scanners to identify these particulars and capture their details into the company’s systems.

Effective traceability solutions are made up of 4 important corridor where the data is logged and recorded at certain stages through the supply chain

  • Tracking – where the goods are and where they’re going.
  • Tracing – establishing the origins of  particulars or  factors.
  • Control – data linked to an ERP system or a  storehouse  operation system
  • Chain of  custody– as goods pass from one  proprietor to another

The information is collected from purchase orders, shipping records, batching logs, courier routes and delivery bills and fed back into the company’s systems for analysis and tracking.

Crucial Benefits of Track and Trace Solutions

Some of the further surprising benefits of track and trace solutions include:

Reduction in waste

You can identify areas of waste, if you have the capability to follow resources and products as they travel through your factory and your supply chain. Waste is one of the biggest cost factors for manufacturers. Setting problem areas will profit your entire operation and enable you to not only reduce waste but also reduce your costs making your business for effective and profitable.

The capability to check your raw materials operation

With the cost of raw materials fleetly  adding ,  effectiveness is  crucial. To cut down on your charges, you need to exclude any gratuitous buffer materials. Companies use business systems to cover their raw materials, but these systems assume a standard  quantum of materials. Rather of maintaining a ‘ safety stock, ’ manufacturers can track their factual operation and find answers to questions  similar as ‘ How  much water are we really using? ’.

Custom manufacturing

Tracking is important when you have custom manufacturing. However, need to be sure that the right product is going to the right person at the right time, if for  illustration you  generally make custom covers with specific ensigns. Boosting client satisfaction can help you keep an edge over your challengers.

Sustainability options

‘Green’ is  getting a bigger part of consumers ’ copping opinions and commercial social responsibility is getting a larger concern for companies. Further and further  guests want to the companies they do business with to be environmentally friendly. Tracking their carbon footmark throughout their supply chain is a  crucial measure as companies continue to come more environmentally conscious.

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In Summary

While  supply chain  tracking and visibility is not a nonsupervisory  demand for all companies, it’s a salutary system worth considering, especially since the data & analytics collected from RFID technology and other mobile solutions can  give you with  precious  sapience into  client patterns and behaviours. Companies who are not committed to a traceability result may find themselves falling before when it comes to maintaining accurate supply or responding to  client requirements and prospects.

Supply chain threat operation is driven by supply chain visibility, and this can only do when every item (and associated movement) is tracked along the supply chain. With advancements in technology and guests embracing the digital world, it makes sense for companies to apply a  result that not only provides precious data and analytics, but also allows for a more comprehensive and effective business operation. Connect with us now.