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Trends in Big Data and Logistics

Trends in Big Data and Logistics Technology for 2022

The supply chain is definitely getting unbundled as   there is a transition toward asset-like non-asset-based models. There’s a prediction that the future logistics provider may not necessarily own a delivery van and a few examples to this is of the companies like Uber for cargo that is providing information on available capacity in white man…

The Future Challenges Of Big Data In Healthcare

Technology to interpret large amounts of data rapidly and accurately is known as big data. In today’s world where everything seems to be data-driven big data is playing a vital role in interpreting information. This information can be of any type and from any sector, over the last decade the world has seen a massive…

Role of Big data in Healthcare

Role of Big data in Healthcare Transformation

We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancements, and we are generating more data on annual basis than ever before. When we think about the opportunities that are afforded by this generation of exorbitant amounts of information we can start to understand and interact with the world in a better way. Throughout the world,…

How Big Data Can Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

With the growth of technology and services, huge amount of data is generated every second. This produced data are structured, semi-structured and unstructured. We can use these data for our business goals and benefits. Big data analysis is not specific to one industry, it can extend to anything which we may even not heard of….

Big Data in Manufacturing

The Use of Big Data In Manufacturing Industry

Approximately 40 exabytes of data is generated every month by a single smartphone user that could be in the form of texts, phone calls, emails, photos, video searches, and music. Imagine this number gets multiplied by 3.5 billion smartphone users, that’s a lot of numbers for a mind to process, isn’t it? This colossal amount of…

Cloud Computing On The Banking Sector

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The Banking Sector

The Big Data revolution in the last 5 years has helped companies improve their capacities of accessing and mining data. And this rigorous exercise has directly burdened their IT servers further forcing the industry to zero on more effective, efficient and viable digital solutions. With the banking industry being the most immediate recipient of such…

Big Data is Changing the Healthcare

How Big Data is Changing the Healthcare Industry?

If you want to find how Big Data is changing lives and making the world a better place, there’s no better example than uses being found for it in Healthcare. The amount of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much everything we do has greatly increased in the last 10 years. And not…