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Healthcare RFID Solutions

How RFID Solutions Improve Patient Safety and Hospital Workflow?

Introduction Healthcare, RFID-enabled technology improves patient safety and hospital workflow. RFID technology involves real-time tracking systems thus the healthcare organization have full control over patient tracking, locate equipment and expedite care. RFID technology makes use of wireless conversation to identify and track human beings and equipment. It has been a robust adoption in healthcare in…

Healthcare app development

Mobile Application Development Services are Useful in Healthcare

Mobile application development has become the need of the hour with the advancement of technology in today’s world, people are getting more access to smartphones. This colossal number of smartphones contains a ton of applications that offers to solve the daily problems effortlessly for the user. They are deliberately changing the mindest of people and…

Cloud computing in healthcare

How Cloud Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, with the largest number of legacy systems combined with the amount of highly sensitive and personal information, becomes one of the most challenging ones to transform. Many governments all over the world, face numerous issues in their quest for digitizing healthcare services. Whereas, the entire healthcare system, as a whole, faces a…

AR and VR Technology

The Role of AR VR Technology in the Future of Care

The effectiveness of the healthcare system entirely relies upon cutting edge solutions these days. Although it is a known fact that most of the advanced medical solutions are somewhat entangled with several unseen challenges like–limited availability of medical equipment, trained medical professionals, and more. With limitations dominant from nearly every angle like–Availability, Accessibility and Affordability,…

Cybersecurity Trends in Healthcare

Cybersecurity Trends in The Healthcare Industry

Looking at the current threat intelligence, it has become essential for any organization to review and respond to its cybersecurity strategy. However, the healthcare space requires extra vigilant supervision like to regularly consult data prone to threat and update in the defense, where network interruption can be fatal. Additionally, the average healthcare organization spends almost…

Big Data is Changing the Healthcare

How Big Data is Changing the Healthcare Industry?

If you want to find how Big Data is changing lives and making the world a better place, there’s no better example than uses being found for it in Healthcare. The amount of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much everything we do has greatly increased in the last 10 years. And not…

ML and AI Transforming in Healthcare

Machine Learning and AI — Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is currently experiencing a massive digital transformation. There has been stable progress since the introduction of technology in this sector. Tech components like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things have helped in streamlining health care delivery and treating severe diseases. What is AI…

IoT in Healthcare Sector

How Is IoT Going To Transform The Healthcare Landscape

When we talk about healthcare, the first thing you visualize is hospitals and medical practitioners. A lot has been made possible in the field due to the availability of IoT devices. Traditionally as well, doctors always used to rely on a variety of investigations to diagnose a patient’s symptoms before prescribing medicines. Today, with the…