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Benefits of Implementing ERP

Benefits of Implementing ERP Systems in the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is the backbone of commerce and supply chains around the world. The radical growth in the logistics and transportation industry is undeniable, visible to everyone. With the rise of eCommerce and opening up of the global market allowing a convenient flow of supply and demand, the logistics market takes a leap towards being one…

IoT and Blockchain

Best Ways IoT and Blockchain are Transforming Supply Chains

Up to this point, it is agreeable that the sheer amount of disruption that Blockchain is poised to cause in the logistics industry is massive. From validating provenance along the supply chain to creating transparency, the benefits are perfectly timed for the current ‘Amazon effect.’ It gets even better when you consider the fact that…

Transformation of the logistics and supply chain sector with AI, IoT, and RPA

“The impact of data-driven and autonomous supply chains provides an opportunity for previously unimaginable levels of optimization.”– SupplyChain Technologies like Artificial Intelligence is taking a progressively focal role in the logistics industry. As the global logistical demands continue to become more complicated, big-data-driven applications have walked in to streamline logistics on a global scale. The…