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AI in Airline Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Airline Industry

Nowadays airlines want to be consumer-centric and improve the way to communicate with their consumers. Airlines are aiming to give astonishing experiences to its passengers at every touchpoint starting from making an inquiry to the departure of the flight, handling all the queries passengers have and also receiving the feedback from them, and following the…

IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

IoT and AI Transforming the Transport Management

The time that we are living in, the present, is the most technically advanced it has ever been. With these new technologies come advancements in every area of business, from customer-facing technologies to predictive inventory to transportation management. “Smart tech” is transforming the way companies do business — including an impact on your company, whether…

Artificial Intelligence Redefining The Banking Sector

How Is Artificial Intelligence Redefining The Banking Sector

Artificial Intelligence has enabled computer systems to perform tasks that require human intervention. Machine Learning is a key building block of Artificial Intelligence and it helps in making choices that machines cannot without the help of a human being. The banking industry is very sensitive in such cases which results in more severe and long-term…

use of AI and Blockchain

Opportunities for Greater Use of AI and Blockchain in Smart Cities

The reality we live in today is largely influenced by revolutionary innovations that have increasingly disrupted our current ways of doing businesses. It is interesting to know how policymakers, governments, and businesses can leverage the potential of disruptive technologies and unlock the doors to a better and competitive world of tomorrow. And as unfortunate as…

3D printing, AI and Blockchain

How 3D Printing, AI and Blockchain Together Can Help Overcome Supply Problems in the COVID-19 Crisis

What appeared to be science fiction and a gut-wrenching theory, have now become the reality of the world, all thanks to Coronavirus. And, even momentarily, movies like Contagion, Outbreak, and even World War Z, have started to appear like a documentary, instead of outdated yet terrifying science fiction. Coronavirus or scientifically summoned as COVID-19 has…

AI Transforming in Financial Services

How AI is Transforming Fraud Detection in Financial Services

From television to internet to artificial intelligence; Technology has continuously evolved in the past 20 years. With the advent of disruptive technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT or Internet of Things, the way we conduct businesses has also unfolded to new levels. Innovative restrictions are now only limited to the imagination. Companies in the…