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Highlighting in Apache Solr – Ultimate Solr Guide

Hi folks! We are back with another post. Today we will discuss in detail an important aspect of solr which is being used by a large number of enterprise applications. It not only improves the aesthetics of the applications but also provides the end-user with a clear understanding of the response that he/she is expecting….

Near Real Time Search – Ultimate Solr Guide

Hi there! Today we will understand one of the most interesting and useful aspects of Apache Solr engine. In most real world applications, data availability is a key aspect that organisations around the globe have to account for in order to stay current with the customer’s demands. Solr, in particular, is extremely potent when it…

Setting Apache Solr in Linux – Ultimate Solr Guide

Introduction Hi there, welcome to this blog. Today, we’ll be learning how to setup Apache solr server on a regular, day-to-day used Desktop/Laptop. This is going to be a comprehensive post, covering all the steps necessary to make a solr instance run its course. So, without further ado, let’s begin! Note : In this post,…