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Supply Chain with Robotics and Automation

Driving Value in Your Supply Chain with Robotics and Automation

This is the modern era and in this era, the way of operating businesses in every industry is changing drastically. Especially after the global pandemic of Covid-19 we’ve seen some major changes in the way businesses used to function traditionally. The pandemic is not the only reason behind these changes; the rise in the world of technology is also a vital factor.

By stating the rise in the tech world we mean the heavy implementation of new-age technology in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), big data, blockchain, and cloud computing are few on the list.

During the timeframe of covid-19 when the world market shut down and running businesses from the field became prohibited and because of these unprecedented circumstances many businesses collapsed. On the other hand, it is also a fact that even during these devastating circumstances logistics and supply chain industry kept on functioning and provided the delivery of all the essential items across the globe.

How Does This Happen?

This simply happens because of the implementation of technologies. Since there were fewer workers available in the field, the industry has no other option but to implement automation and robotics in the workflow.

Robotics and automation are two such technologies that have the capabilities to drive an immense amount of value and add to the logistics and supply chain industry.

Values Robotics And Automation Add To The Supply Chain Industry

1. Decrease in the transit time

Just like any other work, optimum utilization of time plays an important role in the success of that work. In the supply chain work field the work area is very spacious and if there are non-automated facilities then as per reports 30% to 40% of the workers spend most of their time traveling from one place to another. The automation enables cutting down the employee’s transit time which indeed leads to decreasing the costs, increasing productivity and level of services.

2. Feasible with fewer employees

Shortage of labor is another challenge for many retailers in the logistics and supply chain industry. This challenge of moving goods from one place to another during labor short supply chains gets alleviated by the implementation of robots aided by information systems and automation. Robots are the one-stop place to build and wrap palettes, offload containers accurately, and even manage the conveyors in the most optimum way possible. In addition to this on the outbound side, the robotics and automation technology comes out to replenish the inventories by making multi-SKUs pallets to manage the needs of the store.

3. Smoothen the supplies of small quantities
There are plenty of different types of scenarios in the logistics and supply chain industry. One of the scenarios is from the healthcare industry that happens quite frequently. Hospitals required thousands of supplies but due to a shortage of storage space, they prefer to get this supply in small quantities at regular intervals. This type of supplies gets simplified with the automated warehouse using robots. Also, increasing the efficiency and minimizing the costs.

4. More organized cartons

The tech-based delivery also involves the organizing of cartons based on each-level picks. At various levels robots help in assembling the cartons as per the customer including different types of item in one parcel for the shipment.

5. Increased employees safety

One of the biggest values that have to get added with the implementation of robotics and automation is that the amount of risk involved in the logistics operation for human workers gets minimized. The automating machines and robots eliminate the work for the humans that involves lifting and bending heavy items, reducing any type of work-related injuries, etc.


To sum up, the logistics and supply chain industry get plenty of benefits and values from the implementation of technologies like robotics and automation. These technologies enable wearables in warehousing which saves a ton of time that involves scanning a big lot of boxes. Also, the usage of drones is also increasing significantly. After all, it helps in monitoring the inventory spread in the vast area in the warehouse. To reap the benefits from these new-aged technologies this is the right time as still, not many companies are using them. Hence, it will also give a competitive edge to your company.

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Manoj Kumar is a young blogger and digital marketing manager at Aeologic Technologies. Covering topics related to emerging technologies - AI, IoT, Big data, Cloud Computing, Cyber security, RFID and industrial automation. You can find Manoj on LinkedIn & Instagram.