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tended Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Leading the Path of Futuristic Innovations

2019 has gone by leaving behind some intensive growth records in the field of Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With few nestling projects beginning to emerge into large-scale productions, Extended Reality is helping companies change the way they do business. Companies worldwide have collectively spent over $ 86 Billion on robotics solutions and $ 770 Billion on IoT itself last year, and according to Business Wire, investments in Extended Reality will increase by 65% during the forecast period of 2019-2024.

“Companies are designing transformative XR experiences that capitalize on the potential of the human experience revolution using artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.”– an excerpt from Business Wire Press Release stated the innovative brilliance of XR and its umbrella technologies.

Waking up to a New Reality? Books and movies have with time made bold predictions about XR (Extended Reality) or these immersive tools like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Merged Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), for decades, that the world has become numb to the accelerated progress. But now we are seeing roaring innovation and investment in XR technologies and related business models. The Result? We’re seeing expenses fall and performance rise to levels that now allow significant technological transformations that are indeed capable to withdraw the burden on the economy.

Future of XR and Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Computing: Qualcomm at present is working on creating a headset where a mobile VR headset, AR glasses, and a smartphone, converge into a single XR wearable. This mobile XR is predicted to become the world’s most disruptive computing platforms.

Employee Training: XR training is already used for the digital transformation of employee training, in aerospace, healthcare and manufacturing. But the use cases of XR has gone far beyond these high-consequence industries, for example, Walmart is already using, VR or Virtual Reality for training its employees for special days, like challenging Black Friday sales.

Facilitating remote learning and collaboration: XR has erased the distance in between trainee and trainers. Trainers can collaborate with trainees remotely and mentor them through their immersive experiences. VR creates this “genuine” conference which cannot be created through video conferencing, calls, or emails, therefore making the whole immersive experience, effective and engaging.

Healthcare: The XR healthcare market is set to reach $ 5.1 Billion worldwide by the year 2025. Hospitals are at present leveraging XR for medical procedures, streamlining medical procedures, improvising surgical imaging and patient care, and changing the way resident training is done. XR has significantly reduced costs of resident training, in healthcare, in the past two years of its extensive adoption.

How AeoLogic understands the progressive need of adopting XR in India?

“There is a tremendous opportunity with XR to learn from past mistakes and design more inclusive and accountable worlds and experiences. Ultimately, for XR to succeed, strategy and creative teams must have diverse mindsets, and experiences need to be accessible to everyone.” Rori Duboff of Accenture

With the rapid opportunities, comes rapid challenges, and with the fast approval of XR in India, AeoLogic understands the need to manage the dangers that come along with XR; these dangers include:

  • Formulation of fake experiences
  • Cybersecurity
  • Misuse of personal data
  • Anti-Social Behaviour

AeoLogic works towards creating an intersection of both purpose and innovation while keeping in mind these dangers of XR and its umbrella immersive technologies. In a bid to secure the Indian Government’s best interest’s and performance, AeoLogic has gathered the best of people from XR and AI industry for assisting both private and public XR projects that would contribute towards a better future of Indian economy.