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Hire Flutter Developers

Hire Flutter Developer to Make High-Quality Applications

What is Flutter? What are the benefits of hiring Flutter developers? Also, what are the examples of Flutter’s capabilities? Where to look for app developers for Flutter app development? Need to hire a flutter developer? Do not worry, this article will answer all of the above questions.

What is Flutter? Why is Flutter so Popular?

Flutter is an open-source user-interface software development kit (SDK) used for cross-platform app development. The term ‘cross-platform development’ here is referring to the construction of software that can run on various operating systems.

Flutter apps help in saving money because tech teams don’t have to write separate code for each and every OS. In addition, Flutter has a layered architecture that speeds up development and rendering.

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Companies prefer to hire a flutter developer for its ‘single codebase for all platforms’ feature. It helps in allowing the quick release of cross-platform applications. This feature is both efficient cost-effective.

Top Benefits of Flutter App Development


1. A single Codebase to Maintain

App development in Flutter is simpler than in native languages. App creation usually requires knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Swift, and the workings of app stores. However, in Flutter, developers just need to understand one language: Dart.
However, google developed Dart as an alternative for JavaScript problems. Dart has powerful characteristics present in object-oriented programming languages. The language started gaining popularity in 2017 when Google announced Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development. Furthermore, Google created the popular Google Adwords and Google Fiber with the help of it.

2. Compatible With All Screen Sizes

Flutter has some fantastic characteristics that permit developers to create apps on many devices with a single codebase, be it a smartphone, desktop, tablet, or wearables.

3. Flexible LayouT System

Flutter features an easy-to-use and flexible layout system to build enticing interfaces. Developers encounter a common challenge while creating apps: such as creating a layout appropriate for different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

Flutter uses widgets like columns, rows, stacks, and centers for making the layout compatible across all devices. This step facilitates stacking elements horizontally, vertically, and on top of each other. It also helps in giving them padding, center alignment, and margins.

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4. Hot Reloading Feature

Running the apps is one of the most tiresome processes while developing them. For instance, in iOS, it takes around 10 to 30 seconds to save the code, compile it, and check the output on the screen.

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Moreover, the user interface immediately changes as you update the code and hit save in Flutter. Flutter has a unique way of designing the user interface, comparable to having a refresh button on a website. The hot reload feature can swiftly change the app’s color, design, or button. In addition, the updating, debugging, and maintaining of codes happen in one place in Flutter.

5.Access to Original Source Code

Hire a flutter developer since flutter is an open-source framework that is allowing you to do heavy customization. When you click on the code, you will get access to view the original code written by the team. What’s more, you can also know the way the widgets work.

Unlike the proprietary iOS code, Flutter is an open-source toolkit wherein you can modify a particular design or even an entire template. For instance, you can customize the button’s shape, color, and dimensions by editing the code.

6. Faster Time to Market

In Flutter, a single code can develop Android and iOS apps in less time than done natively. Building a user interface (UI) is simple and flexible in Flutter, creating it a high-performance and cost-effective app development platform. The common codebase is enabling faster product release. And helps in reducing the time to market.

7. High-Performance Rendering Engine

Flutter is having a dynamic framework that allows developers to play around with the widgets. The Software Development Kit has a high-performing cross-platform rendering engine known as Skia. With this engine, the UI built in Flutter can be launched on any platform, be it tab, mobile, web, desktop, etc., without making any adjustments.

Why is Flutter App Development So Popular?

Hire a flutter app developer for making your app development easy. According to the 2021 developer survey, Flutter was the most popular cross-platform mobile framework worldwide, and 42 percent of software developers have used it.

Furthermore, as per a 2020 Google report, Flutter apps jumped from 50,000 to 90,000 in the play store in April 2020. These numbers are indicating the popularity of Flutter app development.

Flutter is making an ideal solution for building cross-platform apps. And thus,  businesses can hire a Flutter developer for building cost-effective apps with less time and effort, decreasing the risks and errors of UI and security inconsistency.

Following is a Practical Example to Illustrate Flutter’s Capabilities: 

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, desired to improve Xianyu’s UI. Xianyu is Alibaba’s used items platform.

Alibaba used Flutter for building 50+ million users for the Xianyu app, which is still growing. Alibaba needed ease of business anywhere and everywhere. Also, they wished to create apps that are easy to navigate for users, possess the best graphics, load fastly, and are easily accessible to a broader customer base.

By using Flutter, they were able to:

  • High Frames Per Second (FPS)
  • Investing less time in creating the UI
  • Simultaneously maintaining iOS and Android with a single codebase
  • Better maintain apps
  • The major, frequently visited and complex pages are run through a single codebase on iOS and Android
  • Less workload
  • Enhance team efficiency

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Future Oriented Solution

It won’t be too much of a stretch to mention that the biggest advantage of choosing Flutter is Google. It is the company behind the solution. They have emphasized a number of times that there is a specific strategy in motion for developing this technology even further. Therefore, with a little luck, Flutter will be able to eradicate the present requirement of having multiple applications for multiple platforms.

Furthermore, this support will be allowing us to count on the increasing potential of Flutter applications as well as the consecutive business advantages in the coming future.

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What is the future of Flutter developers?

The scope of flutter development is bright. The framework is still in its early stages and has a lot of area for growth. Moreover, flutter is open-source and free to use. It’s also developed by Google, meaning there will be a huge support.

What are the limitations of Flutter?

Bugs and issues- Confusing APIs. Missing widgets. Engine bugs causing UI stutters. If you’re using Android Studio, then the Flutter plugin is so buggy that its inspector view fails every few times.