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Cloud Technology for Mobile App Development

How Cloud Technology is Beneficial for App Development?

Developments keep happening in the digital landscape, but cloud technologies are the ones that evolve instantly and the pandemic has just expedited this by many folds. From March  2020 until now, i.e. November 2020, nearly every company in the world or at least 90% of businesses has successfully transitioned to cloud computing. This means that today’s cloud computing technology is more accustomed or better, accommodated, to the “new’ consumer trends. Adding to the ongoing and immediate (due to the pandemic) “cloud computing amalgamation” into businesses, the significant smartphone penetration  (3 Billion) during these months has also contributed to the enterprise-level cloud computing adoption. This makes Cloud Computing or technology an integral ingredient for digital disruption in the post COVID world. Through a smartphone or mobile apps, enterprises will now be able to learn new consumer analytics easily (an advantage possible through cloud technology). In this blog, we are discussing benefits of cloud technology in application development.

Cloud Technology in Application Development

Cloud-based mobile applications are compatible with multiple applications– The best advantage of cloud-based applications are that they are compatible across several platforms like iOs and Android. Also, these applications minimize the workload for developers and make implementation easier and quicker.

 Cloud-based mobile applications require no extra installation exercise- Cloud-based applications can run even from the darkness itself, i.e. they need no extra installation exercise and have a consumer-friendly interface. This advantage comes in sharp contrast with native applications that engrosses user with step by step installation process. In short, a cloud-based mobile application reduces interference which at times irritates users.

“Cloud computing is really a no-brainer for any start-up because it allows you to test your business plan very quickly for little money. Every start-up, or even a division within a company that has an idea for something new, should be figuring out how to use cloud computing in its plan.”- Brad Jefferson, Animoto CEO

Cloud-based mobile applications have greater reliability and scalability factor- Two of the greatest advantages in comparison to traditional native applications, cloud-based applications are in actuality easier to scale more and are reliable. Developers can easily tweak new updates in the source code of the application that will be in accordance with the ever-evolving consumer needs. This is a mantra for success for any application i.e. having the ability to adjust in parallel to consumer feedback and experience.

Cloud-based mobile applications offer easier data recovery options- Having data compromised is the greatest pain point for any business today. Shifting to cloud-based applications can actually resolve data storage and data recovery options as crucial data is stored in multiple servers and is regularly backed up.

Final Words

The world is now changing more actively than before due to the pandemic, and businesses are moving toward efficient and easily accessible options that determines a better consumer experience for them. Cloud-based applications paves a way for any enterprise success today. Connect with us to enquire the best technological options for your business today.