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Augmented Reality Is Transforming Retail

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Retail Industry

The way we shop has indeed changed tremendously over the past few decades. Most of the customers prefer online shopping without having to go out in a mall or store. Customer demands keep on changing constantly, so is retail technology! One thing which is the most important thing in retail is customer experience. Today’s customers depend on personalization and convenience with brands, which is why retailers need to meet the evolving demands with the right technological advances. And that’s not all. In the next decade, retail shopping is going to change more than it has already changed in history.

Augmented Reality is just another one of those technologies, one that is going to change the way we imagine the future. The combination of three of these mega technologies Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence will bring the much-required change in the digital future by making everything closer to the fingertips.

Significance of AR to Meet Customer Demands

AR has transformed the way businesses interact with customers providing new opportunities for a personalized and seamless experience. As the customer demands are shifting with the technology advances, retailers are struggling to adapt to the change and meet evolving customer expectations. Here are some of the top demands that AR can help to resolve-

· Personalization

It’s not just looking at the product what a customer does when they shop, it’s the experience of personalization that makes them want to come back. Retailers enable customers to have an engrossing experience through personal visual guidance using various AR overlays, which leads to better purchase decisions.

· Self-Service

As the shoppers’ appetite for information grows, retailers need to provide the experience that customers look for in their brand taking the help of AR-based self-service solutions. Customers can use their preferred devices to access any information about the brand, their products, or services without any dependency on support teams, thereby promoting self-service efficiency & customer satisfaction.

· Ease & Convenience

Imagine sitting at home and virtually trying products from your favorite brand without sacrificing the comfort of shopping from homes! Online shopping can make you browse the products but it doesn’t allow you to try them. But AR, on the other hand, helps anyone easily visualize themselves in all the shortlisted outfits before picking the best one among them. As AR is still new, many customers find it extremely appealing and interesting to try the products enabling retailers to get a chance to grow their sales rate.

Ways in which AR is Revolutionizing the World of Retail

Here are some of the top ways that retailers incorporate AR technology in their business strategy to reap numerous benefits-

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are also called smart displays or digital mirrors. smart mirrors use AI, AR, and gesture recognition technology in them. Through the combination of these technologies, smart mirrors can superpose clothing on your own image-making fitting rooms a thing of the past.

By the use of these technologies, the mirror becomes a virtual changing room helping the customers to change outfits in seconds. The customers can try dozens of different combinations and outfits without having to go through the process of dressing and undressing again and again.

It even lets you share your picture on social media to show off your new look or to ask your friends for advice, or just as a way of storing an item you like for the future.

Checking 3D Products at Home

Oftentimes, an in-store experience doesn’t help customers visualize how products will fit and look in their homes. One of the biggest ways AR will transform retail is by offering customers the opportunity to see products at home before purchase.

A great example of this is Home Depot. They released their Project Color app in 2015, which allows users to see how a paint color looks in a room.

Makeup Trials

Proper hygiene is one of the biggest concerns that customers often have when they have to try their makeup products themselves before purchasing it. As many people try and apply the same makeup product, it may cause skin problems for sensitive people. Augmented Reality will facilitate the user to apply any makeup product by just using the camera.

Closing Statement

Ultimately, it’s important you consider how AR would best-suit your customers’ needs. To create a sustainable long-term strategy, you’ll want to avoid using AR simply for flair — consider how the technology can enhance your customer’s shopping experience, and you’re more likely to find lasting success.

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