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How Automation Technology Will Change Logistics in 2022

Today logistics and technology are combined to improve the logistics industry’s growth and efficiency customer shifting needs are a major influence on the technologies used in the sector as a result logistics and technology are being integrated.

Here’s a quick rundown of three of the developing technologies that will have an astonishing impact on the future of logistics.

Internet of things (IoT)

In logistics the internet of things plays a critical role, internet of things (IoT) can monitor people, employees, while assuring their security and safety because it can transfer data over any network. It allows managers to view and understand continuous activities in a factory or corporation, such as machine and equipment performance, energy usage, ambient conditions, inventory status, and material flow at any given point.

It also improves visibility while in transit resulting in more orders for the industry. Furthermore, the Internet of things (IoT) may foresee potential challenges and obstacles that could stymie the growth of any or all parts of the logistics industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

One of the most prominent advantages artificial intelligence (AI) offers to the logistics industry is its predictive capabilities, this helps the business owner to have a better view of predictive demand and network and enables in doing better planning. There are now 1 million working and functional robots in the world. When it comes to manufacturing production and delivery, they are efficient and dependable. Furthermore, they can live side by side with human workers in factories.

Japan and the united states have already implemented robotic services and artificial intelligence in a number of their logistics processes. The near future will see a shift in which robots will replace blue-collar jobs and chatbots will make customer service amazing. In addition to this with the combination of big data technology, artificial intelligence enables the business owner to have better and clear insights into the business data.

Delivery by Drone

In this new era of technology logistic industry will see a boom in the use of drone base delivery this will prove to be a very effective and efficient way of running logistics workflow in the coming years. Drone delivery is a real possibility in the coming years. It is an unidentified flying object that can alleviate city traffic by facilitating delivery services via the skies. It also has the potential to challenge geographical conditions and inadequate infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. In fact, Google has already tested unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for rural deliveries in Queensland, Australia. The drone will eventually be used to track assets, monitor, and flag high-risk areas or roads, and search for and locate missing employees.


To reap the benefits of the technologies mentioned above and maintain the competitive advantage logistics company must leverage them. It is very impactful and promises to shape a bright future in the logistics industry.