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How Mobile Technology is Transforming Supply Chain Management

How Mobile Technology is Transforming Supply Chain Management

Working on the supply chain is the biggest headache for any manager. Previously, businesses used to depend heavily on manual processes for managing their supply chain. However, with time, they have realized the misconception of the notion that they require to manage everything themselves. Therefore, for streamlining their supply chain, more supply chain managers are implementing the best mobile technology in supply chain management.

Mobile technology in supply chain management is using mobile computing solutions. These are primarily used for asset tracking, warehouse management, and logistics management. Thanks to technological advancements in mobile and barcoding technology, field and warehouse workers no longer have to carry bulky scanners. And can incorporate their smartphones to execute various tasks such as scanning barcodes and feeding data into the system.

Technological advancements is facilitating inter and intra-team communication. Mobile technology in supply chain management is making it easier for team members to exchange critical information through pictures, recorded videos, and messages. Mobile technology can be integrated with several other technologies such as IoT for real-time asset tracking and management. Data collected with the facilitation of mobile devices are providing insights into different trends.

Mobile technology in supply chain management

The use of mobile technology is no longer limited to warehouses. Today, mobile devices are being used by logistics teams, delivery teams, warehouse management teams, and other teams involved in supply chain management. Thinking about how mobile technology can change your supply chain? Let’s discuss.

1. Improving information flow

Earlier, supply chain teams were relying heavily on manual systems. Not only are manual processes tending to have errors, but also effort-intensive and time-taking. Businesses following conventional methods have a hard time wading through tons of paperwork.

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Mobile technology solves these problems. You can use mobile devices to enter important data into your warehouse management and other software. Mobile systems that integrate with barcode and scanning technology are helping in reducing errors and save time. Thus, enabling your team members in dedicating more time to critical tasks.

2. Tracking precise location

GPS-enabled devices are aiding teams in tracking the precise location of shipments. Many advanced systems are predicting optimal routes based on the driver’s location. Therefore, helping to avoid delays and meeting customer expectations. And this is promoting overall efficiency.

3. Improved asset tracking

Thanks to mobile technology in supply chain management, real-time asset tracking is no longer a far-fetched idea. Warehouse management teams incorporate mobile devices to track the movement of products within the warehouse. Furthermore, top management is using critical information stored in their databases for several purposes such as asset maintenance, asset allocation, forecasting, and planning.

4. Improved business intelligence

Mobile technology is offering an overview of the supply chain network. Your managers can avail key reports, statistics, and data to develop a better understanding of different trends. Mobile technology users get notifications and updates on their mobile devices. Thus, allowing them to manage their tasks effectively.

5. Improved customer experience

The final goal of any supply chain manager is to enhance their customer experience. Mobile devices can facilitate achieving this objective. Warehouse management teams can use mobile devices as barcode scanners to track stocks of in-demand products, therefore making sure that these items do not go out of stock. Thus, preventing frequent stock-outs helps in improving customer satisfaction.

Moreover, mobile technology can help in ensuring timely deliveries, which goes a long way in strengthening your bond with your customers.

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Ultimately, mobile technology will bring real-time machine learning, the ability to identify unexpected supply chain disruptions, and the capability for shippers, carriers, and brokers to collaborate. Mobile technology in near future will have us wondering how we ever managed without it.

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How supply chain management is using technology?

By utilizing a combination of technologies like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, companies are automating warehouse operations, enhancing delivery times, proactively managing inventory, optimizing strategic sourcing relationships, and creating new customer experiences that are increasing satisfaction and boosting sales.

What is the impact of technology on supply chains?

Since technology decreases labor costs by streamlining data capture and minimizing error-prone manual processes. The availability of real-time, up-to-date information across the entire supply chain is having a crucial impact on how companies are doing, and expect to do business.