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Healthcare RFID Solutions

How RFID Solutions Improve Patient Safety and Hospital Workflow?


Healthcare, RFID-enabled technology improves patient safety and hospital workflow. RFID technology involves real-time tracking systems thus the healthcare organization have full control over patient tracking, locate equipment and expedite care.

RFID technology makes use of wireless conversation to identify and track human beings and equipment. It has been a robust adoption in healthcare in current years.

Hospitals additionally use RFID enabled equipment to measure temperature and display hand hygiene for serious contamination control. Moreover, RFID technology can assist hospitals to save money by enabling personnel to work with extra productivity and efficiency.

In the longer run, organisations will find many benefits and huge ROI as the system is arranged as desire workflow, tracking staff, patients and being able to track events such as surgical procedures to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How RFID Technology is Being Used in Healthcare:

RFID technology provides an accurate, automated and reliable data capturing system that helps tons of healthcare applications to improve their workflow with patient safety, manage surgical instruments, support staff and patient workflow.

Ways RFID Technology is being used in healthcare:

1. Supply Chain Inventory Management

  • Higher inventory visibility
  • Significant reduction in supply chain and equipment costs
  • Verify product expiration and shrinkage which ultimately lower waste
  • Customized automatic inventory tracking solution

2. Medication Tray Restocking Accuracy

  • Reduces staff work and restocking time by 15 minutes/tray for daily medication tray restocking

3. Patient Identification

  • Prevents wrong patient surgery
  • Waiting time is reduced
  • Can Achieve automated billing
  • Enable audits and patient care

4. Equipment Identification

  • RFID Completes unique device identification system requirements
  • Avoids additional equipment purchases and improved hygiene outcomes through automated asset tracking.

5. Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

  • Efficient recall management
  • eliminate product expiration, shrinkage and waste

Components of an RFID System:

The RFID system consists of several components which are integrated in a sequenced manner that allows the RFID system to detect the objects (tag) and perform various operations. The integration of RFID components enables the implementation of a complete RFID solution. The system consists of the following components:

  • Tag
  • Antenna
  • Reader
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Application software

Challenges for Healthcare Technology

The Healthcare industry has come across these main challenges:

  1. Patient safety
  2. Efficient workflow
  3. Cost-effective administration

AeoLogic technologies as an RFID specialist can work with you to overcome these challenges and help to improve the organisation workflow.

Positive Patient Identification

Medical errors due to incorrect patient identification are probably any hospital nightmare as they led to several critical blunders. In order to eliminate such errors, hospitals need a way for their staff to quickly and accurately verify the patient and ensure that they are working with the right patient. The solution begins at the time of admission. We as your technology partner will help you to identify each and every patient individually accurately.

Patient Registration

Each patient receives a unique RFID wristband at the time of admission. With every consult and prescription, the details will get loaded onto a dedicated patient database (All pertinent demographic info plus medical history). This data is accessible by all your authorized healthcare professionals.


Most patients are monitored, tested and treated at various places and departments within the healthcare facility. At each point of care, the patient’s RFID wristband get scanned and verified with the info in the order to make sure the right person is receiving the care and that specimens are labelled correctly. The accuracy of this technology eliminates the chance of error.

Patient Tracking

Another safety feature of an RFID wristbands is that as they allow health care professionals to track patients which might require some extra attention due to their medical condition or some special conditions such as;

  • Dementia patients are being well tracked so that they should not wander into dangerous areas or off the premises
  • Locating those patients who are not in their rooms when the doctors are making their routine check-ups or it is time for a test or treatment
  • Prevent abduction of infants from the facility

AeoLogic provides end to end solutions that are comprised of hardware, media, software and services. Our expertise in RFID technology is considered to be the best in the business.