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RFID technology in eCommerce

How RFID technology Helps You to Manage Your eCommerce

Nowadays the word shopping does not only mean shopping in some marketplace from a particular shop it also means shopping anywhere from any online store via the internet.

This changing world of consumer demand has given a rise to eCommerce.

A Brief About RFID Technology

RFID technology involves radio waves or radio frequencies which are used for better tracking, monitoring, and identifying objects. These objects can be products, birds, or even animals. It involves two components in it first one is an RFID reader which sends the radio waves and the second one is RFID tags that are attached to the object. The RFID tag transmits the feedback to the RFID reader and information gets stored in the cloud which can be beneficial for the business management to make future decisions.

Following are the ten benefits of having RFID technology in retail and eCommerce:

1) Every shop floor has thousands of individual items changing hands throughout the day. Items that get neatly displayed are discarded on fitting room floors stuffed into shopping baskets and checked out. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology gives the user access to detailed information about each item wirelessly as every single item available on the floor is valuable.

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2) The use of RFID gives the user an up-to-date overview of which products have been delivered to the store, How many particular shirts have been displayed on the shop floor, and when it is needed to add more.

3) RFID technology enables in reducing stock deficiency scenario by sixty to eighty per cent and it results in making the customer happy as they’ll always have items to check on they love most.

4) The sales assistants can scan every item quickly saving hours on stock-taking as compared to traditional barcode scanners.

5) The Average SKU level accuracy in a retail store is only 65 per cent just think about the revenue opportunities if one could bring that up to 90 per cent with RFID and with all of that time saved on stock-taking store associates can focus on what matters improving consumer experience.

6) RFID lets you keep an eye on every item in-store so the user can easily keep the stock from going walkabout. Each item’s unique data is automatically uploaded to the cloud so that the business owner can stay in a loop too.

7) Traditionally when the stock is lost it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where the loss occurred but with RFID the customer has enjoyed more than 10 per cent improvement in shrink reduction.

8) Many times crunch customers prefer to buy online and pick up in-store or arrange home delivery. RFID gives retailers the flexibility to meet customer demand by making inventory available online, reducing out of stocks enabling ship from store, and increasing sales opportunities.

9) With RFID every item is born-digital the smartphone enables technology gives them access to unique product information reviews offers an even mobile checkout.

10) All the browsing data from sales can be used effectively. Consumers can review items they viewed before then order online for home delivery or pick-up in-store.


This is the new era where eCommerce is the new normal and in this new normal world, RFID technology looks after the little things in the retail strategy so the business owner can see the big picture.
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