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How to Use AI to Uplift Your Ecommerce Business?

How to Use AI to Uplift Your Ecommerce Business?

Ecommerce is a very competitive and dynamic industry. The competition is becoming extremely fierce. And you need to be proactive to stay in it. So, how can you stand out from the crowd and give a boost to your business? Implementing AI in the eCommerce business is an answer to that.

The acceptance of AI is happening at a rapid pace. Also, companies are integrating AI into their customer service departments at an accelerated rate. The road for AI has been created. Hence, businesses are adopting it.

AI can aid today’s online retailers to deliver an optimized customer experience on and off. Their e-commerce websites by incorporating collected business and customer data to form better business decisions. Therefore, more accurately predicts the future.

Developments in E-commerce and Technology

From digital transformation and software services to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, technology keeps pushing the boundaries of what eCommerce can do.

With intensifying advancements in technology, there’s something new competing for online retailers’ attention every day. You’ll never discover yourself at a loss for something new and different to try. The real job is identifying the best opportunities for your eCommerce business.

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AI in the eCommerce Business

Implementing AI can impact any number of business purposes across your organization. Understanding AI in the eCommerce business helps to know the components of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the explanation of AI is broad. Subsequently, it includes data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning. Data mining denotes the collection of both current and historical data to inform predictions. Natural language processing emphasizes human-computer interaction. Additionally, how computers understand natural human language.

Machine learning involves a collection of algorithms to apply experience or offer examples to solve an issue. Deep learning focuses on layering algorithms to gain a greater understanding of the data.

Over the last couple of years, AI in the eCommerce business has matured. And it has become a powerful tool to optimize operations and boost sales. Even small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses are incorporating the technology with some kind of AI potential.

1.  More targeted marketing and advertising.

According to surveyed retailers’ personalization is a top priority. However,  only 15% agree that they have entirely implemented personalization across channels. Standing out from the crowd with a more personalized message and having one-to-one conversations with your customers.

Advances in AI and machine learning have allowed deep personalization techniques to customize content by customer. By analyzing data from buying histories and other customer communications. You can dive in on your customer’s demands. Hence deliver the services that will most resonate.

2.  Increased customer retention.

Offering advertising messages and targeted marketing personalized for their customers can enhance retention. Research from McKinsey showed that there is a 15% uplift potential in revenue. As well as in retention from omnichannel personalization strategies. All because of the implementation of AI in the eCommerce business.

3.  Seamless automation.

In this case, the target of automation is to achieve a task with as little manual intervention as possible. This means anything from scheduling emails in a marketing tool or CRM, to using software to automate tasks. Or leveraging advanced technology to facilitate hiring. Robotics and Machine Learning are the most extensively used tool in the retail business. AI plays a huge role in automating the frequent tasks required in online store functioning. With the implementation of AI, one can automate product recommendations, loyalty discounts, low-level support, etc.

4.  Improved sales process.

Using AI can help you build a more efficient sales system. It does by collecting data about your customers. And automating follow-up abandoned cart inquiries. Not to mention, you can aid to move customers through the funnel by having them interact with chatbots for simple and frequently asked questions.

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To summarize, future AI may sound like it is straight from the movies. However, there is plenty of AI technology today that may look less glamorous. Although it serves the purpose today. In addition, it is improving customer experience, escalating conversion rates, and helping to streamline the way the business functioning.

If you want to deliver the best possible customer experience for your eCommerce business, have a look into the various benefits of AI. It can facilitate you make better use of your customer and business data. To set a plan for your business that will work, contact us at Aeologic Technologies.


What comprises Artificial Intelligence?

AI comprises machine learning, natural language processing, and data mining. Machine learning focuses on using an assembly of algorithms to implement experience or provided examples to solve a problem. Natural language processing concerns human-computer communication and how computers perceive natural human language. Whereas data mining is the collection of both current and historical data to analyze predictions.

What are the benefits of AI in the eCommerce business?

It can harness in executing more accurate target marketing, and advertising to the niche. Moreover, it increases customer retention and offers seamless back-end automation. Also, it augments the sales process.