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Opportunities for Greater Use of AI and Blockchain in Smart Cities

The reality we live in today is largely influenced by revolutionary innovations that have increasingly disrupted our current ways of doing businesses. It is interesting to know how policymakers, governments, and businesses can leverage the potential of disruptive technologies and unlock the doors to a better and competitive world of tomorrow.

And as unfortunate as time can be, the COVID-19 pandemic is the first world-class example of how disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT or Internet of Things can save several hours of-

  • Identifying susceptible cases
  • Maintain accuracy of supply chains
  • Accelerate the performance of health surveillance systems
  • Recognize high-risk patients

Keeping aside the COVID-19 problems and solutions, what’s more, important is to understand the fact that how the world will move on after the pandemic is over. Speaking about how these “now widely acknowledged” disruptive tech will change the world. Let’s find out–

Changes that can be led by Artificial Intelligence- New wireless communication standards are slowly allowing smart city applications to move entirely into the digital world. When this movement is permitted or enabled, they can easily capitalize on the latest AI innovations. IoT or Internet of Things being facilitator of data and insights can now be easily monitored, analyzed and acted upon by the progressions of Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from this, the advent of 4G and now 5G wireless technology data are making it easier to gather and manage data, further allowing the migration of smart city based Artificial Intelligence software to move online. This migration will allow AI to study and mimic human patterns further supervising machines to conduct certain human tasks that will eventually save time and leave no room for errors.

Image Courtesy-Omdia

According to the reports curated by Omdia, the global Smart City Artificial Intelligence software market will increase from $ 673.8 Million in 2019 to $ 4.9 Billion by the year 2025.

“However, until recently, connecting disparate components and systems together to work in concert has been challenging due to the lack of connectivity solutions that are fast, cost-effective, low latency and ubiquitous in coverage. These challenges now are being overcome by leveraging advances in AI and connectivity,” – Keith Kirkpatrick (Principal Analyst AI)

AI for active video surveillance- One of the major advantages of AI in the smart city realm is having active video surveillance. Video cameras that are mutated with AI-video based technology can monitor and analyze behavioural anomalies in public gatherings for a possible terrorist attack or any threat such as an outbreak of violence. 

The mutated video surveillance can recognize gender, moods, height, reading licence plates, face detection and identify other potential threats like undisclosed and unattended packages which can be a bomb. These technologies are majorly used in Airports, but with time and with the advent of smart cities, this can and will be implemented in several smart city programs.

Other advantages of an AI and IoT based  Smart city–

  • Increased Smart City
  • Public Safety
  • Facilitator of better health
  • Traffic Management
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Improved quality of life

Final Words- The correct and innovative amalgamation of IoT with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology can bring smart cities into a widespread reality which is the need of the hour. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic where the world has already seen loopholes in the traditionally run technological systems, it is time to underline the required and relevant benefits of these disruptive technologies.

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