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Outsourced IT Solutions

Outsourced IT Solutions For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses

More and more businesses are opting for outsourced IT solutions and services to take leverage of the increasing number of benefits. Having remote work as the new standard and cloud services enhancing by the day, there is never been a good time to be a part of the IT outsourcing trend.


As the role of technology rises for businesses of all levels, sizes, a number of leaders of small and medium-sized businesses are struggling with the potential to structure and manage the robust technology infrastructure their organization demands. The outsourced IT solutions for small to medium businesses are a requirement in the IT industry.

Even more, businesses that were previously relying on one dedicated IT person or a small employees are recognizing that they may require a wider range of proficiency and expertise to deliver the constant maintenance and forward-looking technology approach significant to support their business with efficiency.

When they get themselves in this situation, several business leaders tend to consider switching to external IT support to either operate beside their own workers or to manage the whole maintenance of their network and IT infrastructure.

The aim of this article is to deliver business leaders like you with the in-depth insight you need to create the correct technology decision for your organization.

In this article, I’ll elaborate the services and solutions that outsourced IT solutions support can offer. With that information, you’ll be better ready to surely decide what solution will be working best for your business. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering honest information that you can implement in deciding the best approach for you.

What Are Outsourced IT Services & Solutions? 

In the similar way that businesses are hiring external organizations for handling a large number of crucial business functions and activities, outsourced IT services and solutions tend to deliver a way for businesses to partner with industry experts for getting necessary ongoing technology services and skills.

On the other hand, outsourced IT services and solutions can be placed to work aboard an internal team or offer complete support for your business.

What Are The Options For Outsourced IT Services & Solutions? 

Organizations have two choices for outsourced IT: break/fix and the managed IT support model.

  1. Break/Fix

This is what nearly most people think of as conventional “tech support.” When something breaks, an external contractor gets in to solve the issue. Break/fix providers may also provide project work.

The terms is also known as reactive IT support. Where in, this type of service is typically billed after the task is finished based on an hourly rate and the cost of parts.

  1. Managed IT 

As technology has developed into the crucial support of each and every business, several organizations are looking for a new and innovative model that would deliver proactive maintenance for keeping their business network functioning safely and expeditiously while reducing downtime.

Those needs led IT support providers for exploring for a different and better approach. Through active care and maintenance, as well as strategic planning and approach, managed IT will certainly keep business networks safe, available, and prompt.

This type of assistance is billed as a subscription or recurring monthly fee, based on factors like the complexity of the surrounding and number of devices being handled.

Moreover, managed IT takes care of everything from soup to nuts, including:

  • security solutions (like employee security awareness training, spam filtering, firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus and other email services, DNS or domain name service protection)
  • strategic guidance (from industry experts that include a virtual chief information officerand technical alignment manager)
  • hardware and software buying and procurement
  • service desk support
  • managed hardware (including maintenance, disaster recovery services, automated patching, and notification, and remediation of incidents for servers, networks, and workstations)
  • license management for software and devices

This approach will help in reducing surprises and unexpected budget hits.

In fact, each solutions are valid and there are advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

For instance, some businesses have the capacity to tolerate a definite amount of downtime, where as others cannot. That is just one of several considerations that come into act when making decision of whether one option is a better fit for your organization.

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How Can Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Access Outsourced IT Services & Solutions? 

Taking into account any business decision, choosing the correct provider is the answer to a successful relationship.

The first step is to honestly assess where your pain points are and the best approach for filling them effectively. Then you may require to check your budget. How much are you willing to afford to pay?  In fact, what is the best application of your financial resources?

Once you are prepared to look for providers, we support you to look for several options. Reason? Because if you get an IT service provider that is not the relevant fit, all of your effort and hard work to recognize your pain points and resources will be waste.

Suppose, if you get a provider who comes to an interview (yes an interview!) with a prepared solution, be aware. How can they potentially know what your business is demanding without even hearing to your gaps and business objectives?

Therefore, for building a partnership with you, your outsourced IT solutions and services  provider should first understand your business, your vertical, your industry, your customer foundation, your regulatory and compliance requirements, your IT infrastructure, your business plan, and much more before jumping on deciding on the correct technology tools for your business.

Is Outsourcing IT The Right Solution For Your Organization? 

Subsequently, only you can make decision on the right technology solution for your business needs.

The excellent news is that after going through this content you have a better understanding of the choices for outsourced IT solutions and services. Now, you understand the difference between break/fix and managed IT and you are aware that both have pros and cons.

Concluding Thoughts

At this point, you might be still looking at your options and have some thinking and probably research to do. That’s completely normal.

Or, you may be prepared to learn more about how break fix and managed IT stack up in terms of  reliability, cost, security, and efficiency.

If you find yourself confused, looking for more information, or wanting to talk to a person, you can connect with us and one of our industry expert will reach out to learn about your pain points, solve your issues, and see if we are a good fit to work together.