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Technology in Digital Transformation

Role of Technology in Digital Transformation

It is not surprising anymore that technology has changed the world around us for betterment of humankind. It digitalize things by providing us proper digital platforms and it made the things easier for us by providing us the simplest way of doing the complicated things. Because of technology everything become so advanced mainly it helped us to achieve modernization. In this blog, we will explore the role of technology in digital transformation.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is mainly the adoption of technology to digitalize things. The main aim of digital transformation is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business or things which are available to us.

Digital transformation using various technology to change the business process and help them to become more productive. Technology can help the company or the people who involve in business projects to operate more efficiently and effectively. Digital transformation can also help to improve the quality and delivery of services to the customer.

Examples of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about using technology to digitization i.e., the move from analog to digital. Here are some examples of digital transformation:

1. Online money transaction: transferring money from one bank account to another become easier after the introduction of online payment method now you can transfer the money by just one click on your smartphone banking app without going to bank and spending long hours in queue.

2. E-learning: E-learning one of the most efficient ways of learning you can just sit at your home and learn anything with the help of your electronic device. It is the best platform for students who want to learn new skills but do not have time to go to coaching institutes they can manage their class according to their time. Apart from this you can also learn many new things from YouTube without paying a

3. IT modernization like cloud computing: companies or IT sector moving away from old solutions to adopt new technology for example they store data in computer software (cloud computing) and start using new ways of doing

4. Connect to people easily: In the previous era, how to contact loved ones and friends was a big problem but now with the help of technology you can connect to your loved ones anywhere in the world through multiple social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and this is one of the best digital transformations.

Role of Technology in Digital Transformation

The link between technology and digital transformation is amazing. Technology played an important role in digital transformation. It has changed our lives by increasing the speed of time. Technology is a boon for business growth. Today we are able make online payments, study online, attend our

office meetings online and we are able to do many more things online because of technology. Nowadays technology get to the top and hit the jackpot . Adopting technology can escort benefits to a business and give us fruitful results. Without technology think about digital transformation is useless.

To show you what I mean Let’s take an example of IIoT or industrial internet of things which helps the manufacturing industry to take the digital transformation to another level by helping update operations process. Another example is of blockchain which record transaction of two or more parties. Cloud computing and Robotics process automation also played an important role in digital transformation.

From all of the above examples we can clearly see the role of technology in digital transformation.

Benefits of Technology in Digital Transformation

Technology is a cog in digital transformation with the help of technology we were able to attain a lot of things which is unthinkable in the previous era.

Here are some benefits of technology in digital transformation:

1. Technology Helps Us in Doing Online Business: today we can do our business online think of a retailer allowing customers to use virtual reality apps to visualize things like furniture, spectacles (lenskart app) by just sitting home and from their own

Here we can clearly conclude that technology in digital transformation helps us in transforms the traditional physical retail interaction into a completely virtual relationship.

2. Digitalization of paper record using technology: it become possible for an organization to record its information in computers digitally and it is also easier to search digital records which is an unthinkable in the era of paper

3. Providing easiest way to perform a task: for example, if I have to attend urgent meeting but I have sort time to reach there than I have option to arrange that meeting online. Means for smoothness of work, technology is

4. A better customer experience: with the help of technology, we are to collect the feedbacks of our customers and we will be able to improve our service accordingly it also helps us in increasing our

5. Increased profit: companies that undergo digital transformation results in improve efficiency and

Here are some results reports by the SAP center for business insight:

  • 80% of organization that have complete digital transformation report increased
  • 85% says they have increased their market share

6. Improved productivity: technology in digital transformation helps in using the right tech tools and having right tech tools helps in smooth workflow which helps in improve.

Future of Digital Transformation

The future of digital transformation Lies in the hand of technology. As technology continues to evolve, The companies and business men will have to focus on adopting new technology for their marvelous productivity and business growth for example they must prioritize cybersecurity, adopting the multicloud (it allows business to use the best feature of each service and make them work together) because it helps in cost driven.

As well as for the best future of digital transformation companies must adopt fully flexible hybrid work mode, along with investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The future of digital transformation is bright, but it will only be successful if companies and business organizations are willing to embrace change and use technology to their advantage.


Technology has played a vital role in digital transformation, making it more efficient and effective. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning can help in increasing digital transformation. The growth of companies and business is totally depending on the digital transformation. However, there is still room for improvement. With continued advances in technology, we will see even more progress in digital transformation.


what is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to digitize non digital products with the use of technology.

What is importance of technology in digital transformation?

Technology is a very important aspect of digital transformation. Companies firmly established technology across their business to drive fundamental changes. Those changes  also help to fulfil the market demands and continually increase value to customers.