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Technology Solutions to Help Expand your Business

Technology Solutions to Help Expand your Business

For several companies, even those that were on an upward route in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic decelerated business growth. Specific reasons varied from consumer demands to alterations due to new routines. Such as remote work i.e., working from home rather than commuting to the office and spending money at nearby restaurants) to consumers not wanting to go to crowded stores. If growth is stalling for your business, the route back toward it will be depending on the requirements of your customers. However, some technology solutions for your business are having the potential to support companies across the board. No matter how much things are slowing down or what industry you are working in. While it may appear counterintuitive for investing in new solutions when revenue is behind. Keep in mind the old adage that at times you have to invest money in order to create money.

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A number of technologies are there to accelerate growth potential. However, here we have selected technology solutions for your business that many experts agree are highly helpful for supporting business growth now.

Technology Solutions For your Business

Cloud Computing

Shifting some of your operations to the cloud can have multiple assistances. Including better security and efficiency, and smooth access for employees who are working remotely. With these advantages in place, you will be gaining mobility and flexibility with lesser fear of crashes, downtime, or lost data. These conditions will be enabling you to concentrate more on important tasks like marketing, research, and development.

Remember that there are 3 foremost categories of cloud deployments: public, private, and hybrid. Public services are functioning on a pay-per-use model. Private ones are optimized and run by a single business for its personal use. And the hybrid model is enabling companies to use a combination of these two options.

Data Analytics

Analyzing crucial data for actionable insights will be taking your business to an entire new level. Knowing how customer preferences are shifting after the pandemic can help you in designing better products and services, for example. Moreover, understanding online use patterns will be increasing your marketing success.

Also, you can analyze data related to internal processes, such as manufacturing, worker productivity, and equipment functioning. In order to recognize how to optimize them for higher efficiency. Such analysis will help you in creating an environment of persistent improvement and higher growth potential.

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Social Media

Another technology solutions for your business are to incorporate social media marketing. Social media is still an outstanding way for delivering your message, facilitating you in gaining wider recognition and new sales. And not just locally. Here are a few tips, if you have never focused on social media strategy:

Reach out to your customers. Each social media channel has its own set of users. For instance, while previously Facebook used to have a younger demographic, it’s now mainly used by older people. On the other hand, Generations Y and Z are preferring Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Creating separate strategies. Once you are aware that each platform has its own demographic, you need to customize your messages for particular audiences. Additionally, creating content that makes the greatest use of each platform’s features, such as TikTok’s video presentation.

Creating a realistic budget. Every company desire to have its content go viral. However, that doesn’t always happen. Creating a budget for advertising that can be dialed higher or lower depending on how well your posts are performing.

Being consistent. Creating a calendar will be ensuring you post regularly (though not too often). Moreover, determining what kinds of posts you will be developing and leaving enough time for creation ahead of time.

Customer Self-Help

As consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, they want to execute more tasks on their own without requiring human assistance. The more self-help selections you can bring to them, the happier they will be with your products and service. And customer experience (CX), that is, the experience customers have created on the entirety of their interactions with you. It is no small task. Today, it is one of the primary aspects driving company accomplishment.

Some self-help choices to take in consideration include a smooth e-commerce website, detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs), shopping assistance (such as suggestions for other products a customer might like), easy and automated returns and exchanges, and automated scheduling. Within brick ‘n’ mortar stores, customers will appreciate efficient mobile payments, curbside pickup, and customized purchasing experiences.

Remote Work Solutions

The topmost technology solutions for your business is to provide remote work solutions. The future of work is remote. The simpler you can create it for team members to work from home, the happier they will be with the working environment. Therefore, to select new job candidates you will have a larger pool. Additionally, you will be saving money on office space, particularly if you shift to an all-remote set-up. These factors will be supporting you to advance your company to the next stage of progress.

Following are some of the specific technologies that are important for remote work:

  • Communications Software
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Document storage and exchange
  • Collaboration solution
  • Project management tools
  • Equipment and IT services to help remote workers create a robust home office environment

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Making the Most of Technology Solutions For your Business

For ensuring any new technology you are adapting will help you reach your objectives. Therefore, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Do not implement technology for technology’s sake. Before spending on any new solution, make sure that it is designed for meeting a specific business need.
  • Choosing the right solution. Conducting as much research as you need to for making sure that you are receiving the best product for your company. Therefore, take into consideration strategies for the future as well as today.
  • Involving employees. The people who will be integrating the technology should have a say in decisions about which solutions you are opting.

Confused about which technology solutions you need for your business? Contact our industry experts as they will help you out!


How can technology is expanding a business?

Technology helps in increasing the efficiency of systems, products, and services. It is helping to track and streamline processes, manage contacts and employee records, and maintain data flow. In fact, this augmented efficiency in operation is helping to reduce costs as well as enabling the business to grow rapidly.

What are the three benefits of technology for small businesses?

Here are the three major advantages of adopting technology as a business strategy.

  • Choose targeted technology solutions
  • Boost organizational productivity
  • Enhance collaboration