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Using Technology to Transform Businesses

Using Technology to Transform the Businesses

The world of business remained the same for almost a century or so after the Industrial Revolution. However, it is fine to establish that it is never going to repeat in the future. For companies looking for lessons in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has appeared clearly. That every organization needs to become a tech organization. Technology transforms the business immensely. Technology is developing at an exponential rate, adapting, and mutating especially since 2020.

Whether it is shifting to online work, an increase in online demand, or the spike in cyber-crimes, businesses have critically approached technology. It is growing so fast that one cannot help but be carried away in the wind of progress- whether one is ready for it or not. The reality has penetrated deep into business models for modernization using technology and imparts renewed importance to it. Organizations can no longer take the risk of long timelines and more so often disappointing business returns. In the past, these have hindered many of the large tech-transformation. However, few organizations have considered a new way that is enough comprehensive to account for the innumerable interlinkages of contemporary technology connected with business. Hence it can deliver value. We can think of this comprehensive approach as “tech-oriented”.

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Technology Transform Businesses

Technology transforms the business in every aspect. Let us discuss the following aspects in which the business has been transformed:

1. Communication and Sharing Method

For every business, it is very vital to communicate and share information. With a technology-driven environment, we can leverage more options than ever. It makes it efficient, easier, and faster. With the availability of applications like chatbots, social media platforms, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack, everything is just a fingertip away. For example, sales enablement stipulates the facility to track buyer-seller conversions. It also receives analytics based on user behaviors. Whereas deeper intelligence enables the business to obtain customer data and implements it to improve the customer experience.

2. Mobile-First Business World

Mobile-First is here to hold the individuals. Tablets or smart devices with the correct software enable remote setup for every aspect of a business. Everything ranging from customer relations like invoices and shipping, content marketing, and sales enablement are all at the tap of a finger. With the rise of Generation Z and Millennials, more people are using tablets and mobiles to share their experiences on a product/service with friends, prospects, and acquaintances, to find local businesses, shop, sell, and purchase. Technology has also augmented the process with which we can stay connected. Whether it is having employees and co-workers available via video chat/text at a moment’s notice or being able to send newsletters to a targeted audience.

3. Cloud Computing

Another way in which technology transforms the business is the implementation of Cloud Computing. Cloud technology offers the ground for companies to become more customer-centric, collaborative, and agile. Cloud computing allows companies to shift some of their activities to a third-party server accessible by Internet connectivity. This allows for on-demand (rapid) expansion, mobility, and data packages without the risk of permanently lost data, crashes, or downtime. Businesses that adopt the cloud can innovate and develop faster and more effectively.  This has also enabled the small and medium-sized enterprises to avail resources that are cost-prohibitive.

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4. AI Implementation

AI is restructuring the technological world and consumer markets at a faster pace. It has transformed the business processes in almost every sector. There are several activities that AI can perform. From financial and real estate businesses to CRM, security, to machine learning. In the consumer market, AI can be used to track purchasers and predict their intention of purchasing by analyzing their previous search patterns. For example, what they are viewing, opening, and more.


Regardless of your personal opinions, technology transforms the business in a way that has made businesses come closer to their customers. The exponential rate at which is it evolving is not going to slow down any soon. It will become more advanced shortly. This technological transformation will allow businesses to strive and survive in an ever-changing landscape. That is why it is important to solidify the technological infrastructure of a business. As it will allow the leaders to cope with the obstacles and prevent them from weakening.

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How technology is transforming businesses?

Technology has transformed businesses in every aspect. Be it e-commerce, retail, IT, finance, or the real estate industry, technology is everywhere to be seen. It has changed the traditional method of operating a business. It makes the business process easier by decreasing the downtime and risk involved, cloud computing, increased collaboration, decrease in cost, and so on.

Why technology is necessary for business nowadays?

Transformation is inevitable. The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that a business must be prepared and equipped with the skills, tools, and infrastructure to handle any obstacle the world throws in its way. The businesses timely adopted and adapted to change to survive in this dynamic market.

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