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Technology trends impacting the future of education

Technology Trends Impacting the Future of Education

Each and every aspect of our society has been changed rapidly by technology, even the technology trend in future education industry. In today’s world, millennials, generation z, and, generation alpha are growing up with devices connected to the internet at home and in the classroom, which transforms their learning process. Technology trend in future education provides students and teachers with a range of new equipment to work with. As technology has found its way into our lives, it has strengthened its hold almost everywhere. The world is unimaginable without it. Moreover, post the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has established itself to be a boon to the educational industry. Educators had identified the significance of digitization long ago, but the pandemic has given it a push.

Although the technology trend in future education will be determined by technology in large part, making sure that the new teaching equipment is used in the most effective way and appreciates the necessity of human communication in the classroom.

Technological Trends Impacting the Future of Education

Let’s have a look at the following technological trends impacting the future of education:

  1. Use of tablets in classrooms

In the education sector, tablets are mobile devices that students tend to use often. These devices are portable and small enough for the users to use individually, or for sharing in a small group, and serves multipurpose such as educational gaming device, word processor, and video player. Concerning a study conducted in 2015 by Pearson Education, it was found that more than 2,000 students from 4th to 12th grades, 78% of primary school students use tablets in their school study work in 2014, and the utilization of tablets in middle school students increased from 58% to 69% from the year 2014 to 2015, and in high school students, it increased from 48% to 49% year to year.

  1. Using Artificial Intelligence

By a report published by the eLearning industry, AI will be merged with 47% of learning tools. Artificial intelligence can assist with chatbots, and tutoring is the best fit for situations where an educator does not have time after their work hours. It can also adjust itself to the student’s intelligence level, preferences, and speed so that the students get the best user experience it.

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  1. Learning Management System

Another technology trend in the future of education is Learning Management systems (LMS). LMS is a platform that creates and tracks online learning initiatives and activities. It helps in the delivery and creation of pedagogical aids, lectures, and educational content as well as in the improvement and development of interactions. Parents are also allowed to keep a track record of their children’s exam dates, assessments, and grades by using the LMS to get more involved in their children’s education.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is very eco-friendly, it makes the learning experience approach as a clear understanding of the abstract concepts, a high rate of student engagement, and getting proficiency in a virtual setting. This technology-directed data is added to the existing conventional environment, while virtual reality creates a completely new one.

  1. Gamification

Gamification is another technology trend in future education. Gamification is a new trend in the educational sector in which games related to the concerned subjects simulate assisting coding to incorporate the user’s visuals for the learning experience. Its motto is that students tend to learn and grasp content best when they are having fun learning and interacting with each other. It connects students with tricks such as team activities, scoring, and, a competition that allow them to grasp the updated information and knowledge.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to impact the future of education. It is advantageous to students in the way that it eliminates the requirement for a middleman, as this technology converts record keeping to a digital format by networking with students directly. It enhances transparency, for example, when a learner uploads a task or assignment to the blockchain, the technology makes sure that the data is safe and is not lost.

  1. Assistive Technology

For learners with disabilities, technological advancements would make them empowered, hence placing the students on an equal platform with their classmates than before. There is a variety of assistive technology devices available for students with special education needs to provide the complete educational support they require. The assistive technology device uses alternate input devices. This permits learners with special needs to use tablets and computers equipped with modified keypads that feature larger buttons, cursors they can use with their feet or mouth, and other capabilities. For learners who cannot use any type of manual input device, there is another reliable alternative called speech-to-text technology.

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To conclude, this technology trend in future education will break down the traditional method used for teaching. Hence, making students ready for the future world by getting them prepared with futuristic technologies like AR/VR, AI, blockchain technology, and gamification, as well as reducing the barrier separating students with special needs and their ability to learn.

We have stepped further into the advanced period where technology is driving everything and so is our education system.

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How has technology impacted the future of education?

Technology has impacted the education system in several ways for all the good reasons, making the students prepared for the future technology world. Students are engaged with AI, blockchain technology, virtual reality, and gamification.

Is technology the future of education?

There is no second thought about how the world is revolving around technology. Without technology the world is unimaginable. And so does the education system. The education system has engaged with technology more than ever after the Covid-19 pandemic.