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The Role of Drone in Business and Commerce Industry

Technology has no limits. It is meant to grow with time. Creative brains find out every possibility to accommodate technology wherever required. Among such great technologies, drone technology, also known as “unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)” is progressing very fast that can give benefits to many sectors. Drones have infiltrated many aspects of our economy and are beginning to play a significant role in our daily lives.

Drones, with the correct technology and applications, can provide strategic and competitive benefits as well as increased efficiency. One such modest yet useful experiment was conducted by Aeologic to understand the application of this drone technology in our day to day life.

Aeologic Technologies Private Limited is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which is close to Delhi and one of the country’s most populous cities and states. Noida is a well-planned city with a good infrastructure that provides access to world-class medical facilities and hospitals. In recent years, we’ve noticed that the population is rapidly growing, making traffic and responding to medical crises on time increasingly challenging. Our government’s emergency van car service and local hospitals’ emergency rooms were failing to provide enough care for those in need. As a result, we began picturing our concept as a reality.

We wish to help society and facilitate our world with technology that allows medical resources such as human organs, blood, and pharmaceuticals to be quickly supplied to those in need at the most opportune time. As a result, we conducted an experiment in a highly-populated area to provide medical assistance in the event of an emergency. What we discovered will astound you: the drone took 80 per cent less time than an emergency vehicle.

Drone business applications will continue to be driven by accessibility where Aeologic could be your technical arm. We can customise drones and related technologies to perform any activity you require. We’ve previously given modified drones to a reputable NGO that supports people in search and rescue operations during natural disasters like floods. In Bihar’s flood, our customised drones were deployed in emergency situations to identify missing individuals. Aeologic has demonstrated that drone technology has been very promising in delivering relief packages to those in need or locating those who require assistance, particularly in places where human travel is not yet safe.

Drones are increasingly being used in agriculture as part of sustainable farming practices. Crop health monitoring, crop treatment, crop scouting, suitable irrigation techniques, soil analysis, crop damage assessment and pre-harvest yield analysis are all using drone applications to enhance crop productivity by minimizing time and expenses.

When it comes to forest and wildlife conservation, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide information and data that is otherwise difficult to obtain. Aerial surveillance, mapping, aerial photography, thermal images, and topography monitoring have all benefited from the use of drones. As a result, this helps with wildlife conservation, biodiversity and vegetation conservation, ecological balance, and other forestry-related issues. The application of this technology benefits tree species monitoring, illicit cutting, man-animal conflict, trafficking, and poaching surveillance.

Though there are certain limitations of this technology, it can be applied to various fields. At Aeologic, we always keep on finding productive ways to benefit society with such creative ideas. This blog highlights our success stories of using this amazing technology for public benefit at large.