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Technologies for Mobile App

Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App

The growth of mobile applications has been impressively high since the last decade. Considering the number of smartphone users to be around 3.5 billion as of July 2020, the need for smart applications has unfolded by great multiples. The coronavirus pandemic also has added thrust to the already ongoing need of mobile applications in the industry.

And, being a participant of this steady transformation, and assisting the Government of India in implementing technological support for easing the effect of the pandemic—We feel it is necessary to disclose which technologies can be used to develop mobile applications in the coming year.


Flutter is an open-source mobile application SDK, which is created by Google. It is basically a UI toolkit that developers can use to create beautiful and natively compiled applications for web, mobile and desktop from a particular codebase. As promised by Google, Flutter offers–

  • Fast Development
  • Flexible and an Expressive UI, and
  • Exceptional Native Performance


Java is one of the most popular programming languages and continues to inspire many developers to date, all because of the availability of the open-source library to chose from. It is an object-oriented programming language and also an official Android development language. One of the best parts of being a JAVA programmer is that it offers the best community support and documentation as well. So a lot to learn from and scale from this language.


Swift is a clean programming language developed by Apple INC, for iOS and OSX development. It is an open-source programming language and builds the best on Objective C and C. The language is famous amongst the whole development community since it adopts a safe programming pattern that is comfortable and flexible both. Applications like LinkedIn, Lyft, and Hipmunk are both developed and upgraded by Swift.


The most popular language in the entire list is Python. The language is both easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use. Worlds most famous web applications like YouTube, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey and Instagram are built on Python. Python stands out in the entire list due to its advantages, listed below–

  1. Extensive Libraries
  2. Security
  3. Modularity
  4. Easy Integration
  5. Productivity 


C++ is an upstanding choice for any mobile application developer. The language is considered more to be of general-purpose and have a low-level memory manipulation feature. It is most commonly used for Native application development, gaming and android app development.

Advantages of C++ that stands out–

  1. Rich library of features
  2. It is case-sensitive
  3. Highly portable
  4. N number of built-in features 

Final Word

It is difficult to pick out the best from this list since every programming language offers its own set of benefits. JAVA, Python and C++ are amongst the evergreen languages, but as the world of technology is progressing new options like Flutter has started to prove its mettle. If you want to create a mobile application for your business and are uncertain about the choice, the allow us to consult your requirement. Write to us or comment below.