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Trending Technologies for Mine Digitization and Automation

Trending Technologies for Mine Digitization and Automation

In recent times, there has been increased importance of technologies for mine digitization and automation. Technology is now presenting huge opportunities. It is giving rise to new possibilities to transform our lives for the better, turning them easier, and making them more efficient. Every business is now data-driven and industries of the future are all powered by innovation.

Technologies for Mine Digitization and Automation

Mine digitization and automation are the two most powerful trends at current times. For staying competitive and ahead of the curve, mining professionals will need to integrate these innovation tools into every aspect of their business immediately.

As technologies for mine digitization and automation are continuing to transform the industry, mining companies are deploying the latest technologies. For enhancing productivity and sustainability, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, minimizing uneconomic material, improving worker safety, and limiting environmental impacts.

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Consequently, technologies for mine digitization are making it possible to control, fine-tune and catalyze the whole mining operation. Therefore, it is creating attractive careers in safe control room environments. Which is providing space for the employee’s expertise and creativity. Additionally, miners should have access to all information and data about processes. Hence, digitalization is yielding concrete and sometimes astonishing outcomes.


Automating the mining equipment is bringing several potential benefits including reduced maintenance costs as the units are constantly operating at their optimal levels. As well as a detailed operating record and better availability.

Most of the underground work is being computerized and no human will work near the front anymore. The production control would be taking place from a bright and pleasant control room above ground or a collaborative visualization room. With AI we are sure for achieving better stability in production. At least until something completely unexpected occurs. Consequently, implementation of artificial intelligence shifts raw materials mining from a people-oriented operation to a process-oriented one.

New Technologies Leading the Digital Future

Drone or unmanned aerial vehicle survey in an open-pit mine:

Used for mine exploration, mine monitoring, stockpile management, operation planning, progress reporting, onsite inspections, rapid and detailed analysis of mine slopes, hazard identification and mitigation, etc.

Drones and 3D laser scanners for underground mine mapping:

To map all underground assets with accuracy in less time.

Autonomous vehicles with LiDAR and image processing:

Autonomous vehicle solutions are enabling a vehicle to perceive its environment, decide what route to take to its destination, and drive it.

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Flexible networks/ omnipresent networks:

Technology that would be offering several potential advantages in mining. Moreover, flexible network deployments will be essential in offering broad coverage and delivering fast performance.


It is the incorporation of data and algorithms for improving decision-making by generating insights. Analytics are spurring the next wave of efficiency gains in ore extraction, analysis, transportation, and processing. In addition, it is also anticipated to drive better asset utilization, boost productivity, and address material flow delays.

Artificial intelligence/ machine learning:

Also, ML is involving algorithms that improve over time through exposure to more data. Thus, AI is enabling mining companies to become insight-driven enterprises that utilize data to derive key benefits. Furthermore, this is helping the industry to optimize processes and transforms them into a safer, more profitable, and more environmentally friendly one.

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Blockchain technology:

It is promoting trackability, transparency, and security through open peer-to-peer and incorruptible data sharing.


Technologies for mine digitization and automation is going from being a buzzword to being a reality in the mining industry. Subsequently, with the advent of Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, the mining industry is being tremendously influenced. Therefore, many mining companies are taking important steps toward the digitalized mine of the future.

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What are the emerging technologies in the mining industry?

Autonomous vehicles are transforming mining by allowing humans to communicate with and control machinery remotely. Additionally, it is having the potential to operate below and above ground. Autonomous vehicles are important for the modern mine.

What is digitalization in the mining industry?

Digitization in mining refers to the use of computerized or digital devices or systems and digitized data.  Therefore, these are decreasing costs, improving business productivity, and transforming mining practices.