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RFID tracking Technology

Why RFID Tracking Technology is the Best Solution for Logistics

Radiofrequency identification(RFID) technology is the best technology to be used to track objects efficiently and effectively. These objects can be of any type of product, birds or even animals.

How does RFID Capture the Data?

The radio frequency identification(RFID) technology involves two main components one is the RFID reader and the other is the RFID tag. Tag is placed on the object which needs to be tracked. The RFID reader sends radio waves continuously, when the tag and the reader come in contact with a distant meter the tag gets activated and transmit the feedback to the reader.

The data captured by the RFID reader is stored in cloud-based software.

Following are the eight reasons why RFID technology is the best solution for logistics:

  • The data captured with the use of radio frequency identification(RFID) technology gets saved in cloud-based software. This data in the future will be beneficial for the business owner to make prominent decisions as it enables predictive analytics.
  • In the era of omnichannel fulfilment and online shopping RFID is the competitive edge that the logistics industry needs with RFID technology hundreds of tags can be scanned in seconds with near-perfect accuracy.
  • The fast scanning of tags with perfect accuracy means that stock-taking time is reduced to 94 to 95 per cent, average accuracy improves from 64 per cent to 95 per cent or more and you can also locate any item in seconds.
  • This enables improving productivity, saving time, improves fulfilment speed and accuracy. The implementation of radio frequency identification(RFID) technology also helps in preventing chargeback penalties, reducing shrinkages and losses hence helping in making prominent and better business decisions and increasing ROI for the business.
  • The traditional way of running a logistics business involves a lot of human intervention. This also results in having errors as humans are meant to do mistakes but a system-driven business eliminates the chances of such errors.
  • The use of RFID technology optimizes the customer experience as well. It provides the customer with real-time information about their products. Trust gets built up between the logistics service provider and the customer making the customer feels secure regarding the delivery of their product.
  • In addition to this, the implementation of IoT with RFID makes a huge impact. At a click of the button, the user will know everything about the freight like any tilt, temperature, shake, location, etc.
  • When shipments packed in boxes or hanging in rails arrive at the distribution centre the delivery can be checked against an advance shipping notice. RFID technology increases receiving throughput.


In this modern era if you ship anything then you expect it to be just there. Speed plays a crucial role in the shipment and to have that one should start implementing radio frequency identification(RFID) technology into their business. To conclude we’ll say that radio frequency identification(RFID) technology gives a competitive advantage over others in massive ways.