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Technology in Supply Chain

Best Ways Technology Makes the Supply Chain More Efficient

Technology in the supply chain has changed the overall functionalities and operations in a very good way. Technology has given its marvelous contribution to the world of business, every industry has revolutionized with the implementation of technology. The supply chain industry has also seen a boom in its efficiency by implementing technology. There are plenty…

Technology is Transforming Warehouses

Best Ways Technology is Transforming Warehouses

In every economy supply chain and logistics plays an important role and warehouses are the core of supply chain and logistics. Technology is transforming warehouses and making this core area more vibrant, productive, and strong like never before. The implementation of various technologies such as the Internet of things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics, Big…

Technologies in Logistics Industry

How New-age Technologies Re-wrought the Logistics Industry

Freight and logistics is a fast-paced and demanding industry. To succeed in the industry, you must provide quick differentiated service and value your customers on a daily basis; Unlike any other industry, the logistics industry faced many problems as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, which forced changes in its operational functions. The transportation and…

Technological Trends in Warehouse Operations

Four New Technological Trends Impacting Warehouse Operations

There are hundreds of SKUs and palettes in a warehouse, as well as selectors, leaders, and forklifts. Coordinating product receipt and shipments as well as touchpoints in between is key for efficient supply chain operations. Companies conduct this orchestra by warehouse management systems. Warehouse Management System No other location in the supply chain provides more…

Technology in Retail

The Role of Technology in the Evolution of Retail

It would be an exaggeration to say that technology is transforming retail. Technology is not only transforming retail; it has entirely revolutionized the way we shop. This evolution process is never-ending. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented several issues for retailers, and technology is resolving all those challenges. In this blog, we will analyze the role…

Use Technology in Your In-Store Marketing

How To Use Technology in Your In-Store Marketing Strategy?

As we know, marketing involves all of a company’s efforts to attract customers and sustain connections with them. Marketing, at its most basic level, aims to match a company’s products and services with people who desire to use them. Thus, matching products to customers ultimately ensures the profitability of a business. In this blog, you…

Future of Retail Technology in India

How Bright is the Future of Retail Technology in India?

Rapid advancements in digital and automation technology have added new breakthroughs in the retail industry. Retail technology is now using innovations and digital solutions in retail and e-commerce sectors to enhance the shopper experience. So, we can say that integrating retail technologies in a business directly influences the customer experience. Now, both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce…

Technology Transforming Shipping Industry

How Technology is Transforming The Shipping Industry

The digital world has connected customers in more ways than ever before. Companies have started using a decentralized platform that harnesses autonomous systems enabling customers to receive personalized rail solutions to enhance the travel experience. It is a fact that 90 percent of the world’s goods come and go by ships and when we talk…