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Technologies in Logistics Industry

How New-age Technologies Re-wrought the Logistics Industry

Freight and logistics is a fast-paced and demanding industry. To succeed in the industry, you must provide quick differentiated service and value your customers on a daily basis; Unlike any other industry, the logistics industry faced many problems as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, which forced changes in its operational functions.

The transportation and logistics sectors are among the most complex and interlinked sectors of any given economy. It literally moves and stirs civilization’s access to commodities and critical services. The covid-19 pandemic has thrown this industry into a whirlwind, affecting the livelihoods of those not only employed but also who also heavily rely on smooth operations.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has changed how we function in our everyday lives. Non-essential services, such as retail stores and shopping centers, were forced to close temporarily in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the logistics sector, primarily due to government restrictions. Nonetheless, the logistics and supply chain industries were among the few that did not suffer significantly as these companies began delivering various essential goods and services. This happened because of the implementation of advanced technology by the logistics and supply chain industry, since then we have seen a boom in logistics businesses as they have started reaping the benefits from various technologies.

Modern Logistics

It would be hard to imagine our daily digital lives without them. As consumers, we have the liberty to shop online at any day and any hour of the day. We expect everything to arrive on time for every single item that we ordered online. According to many researchers, online shopping is booming.

In the world of logistics and supply chains these days it’s all about tech. out of various technologies in this blog, we have picked the following. two technologies that have re-wrought the logistics industries.

1. Blockchain

You must have heard about this new-aged technology named blockchain but do you know how its application can help your supply chain? Blockchain technology automates a wide variety of tasks making it possible to optimize many of the manual processes.

It works as a blockchain that identifies and certifies data in a decentralized manner, the blocks in the chain may contain different types of content but they all have three common elements. When we talk about merchandise, for example, we refer to information such as the collection point, place of arrival, weight, and so on.

The reason why users join a blockchain is its usefulness, in supply chain activities agents involved in a shipment add information to the platform in a simple way to digitize their operations. Blockchain technology allows access for all actors involved in the supply chain.

Cloud-based Logistics

Cloud computing is the process of accessing computers, software, and applications directly over the internet rather than local physical storage like hard drives or outsourced servers. Computers have revolutionized every aspect of the business world, all businesses depended on computer technology not really to function at maximum efficiency but to operate it all. Our dependence on computers comes with a price, we are constrained by their limitations and vulnerable to their weaknesses. Servers can crash, databases can be hacked and hardware rapidly grows obsolete. As there are so many different aspects of computing involved in a single business the potential for breakdown is multiplied.

The cloud directly addresses the problem posed by physical hardware, it not only freezes an organization from installing, designing, supporting, and maintaining its own computer infrastructure. It provides data security and infinitely scalable computing sources that mean as much as you need.

Cloud allows for an anywhere, anytime, and anything approach combining mobile devices, personal computers, applications servers, codes, and databases into a single easily accessible resource.


To sum up, after the covid-19 pandemic logistics have seen a boom in implementing technologies to optimize productivity. Modern logistics consists of various technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, internet of things, machine learning, cloud computing, mixed reality, etc. out of which two technologies have been explained in the blog.

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