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How to Find Real Use Cases for a New Technology

How to Find Real Use Cases for a New Technology


It’s no way a great sign when the Product leader is handed a technology with an assignment of “figuring out the use cases”. Great products should be a labor of love, the result of an entrepreneurial person who felt the pain of a problem first- hand, or had great empathy for someone else’s problem, and  also passionately invested time and energy to break that problem. In this blog, we will find real use cases for a new technology.

Eric Yuan, founder of Zoom supposedly left his job at Cisco when he saw first- hand all the problems and pains that users were having with WebEx and decided to set up a company to break those problems. Some of the most popular Electronic Medical Records were created grassroots by doctors who knew first- hand all the problems of operating a medical practice and learned to program software by themselves just to ameliorate their practice.

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You would not ask these passionate entrepreneurs to go “figure out the use cases”. They have had them in mind from day one.  But not every company is in that position. Some startups had a use case in mind when they started, also discover that that use case that they created the technology for isn’t commodity the market is ready to pay for. Whereas, some products answered a use case profitably for numerous times but the  market has changed and the use case is no longer applicable. Some products have a use case in one industry and are looking for other operations in other market parts. Some large companies have inherited technology on the shelf and obviously are exploring for a way to make money from it.

Real Use Cases for a New Technology

We  punctuate  instigative new technologies that will impact the development of  new  results and the ecosystems they serve. Are you a product star, strategist or inventor who relies on the power of the network to deliver  results or launch new operations? If so, also this blog is written for you.

Longer Better Lives: The Bionic You

Embellishment of the body with new and  poignant technologies is putting society on the verge of a Cyber Human Revolution. In a biometrically- connected world, people will be suitable to more cover their health, stress and overall well- being, helping them “find their Zen” before they would know they need it. Inventions will  crop  that enable people to overcome their disabilities: the deaf will be suitable to hear, the blinds could see, and the physically impaired could walk. For  numerous  further, our well- being and day- to- day experience will be enhanced by:

  • Smart  individual apparel
  • Hearables and smart contact lenses
  • Powered exoskeletons and alternate skins
  • Ingestible robots
  • Bioacoustic  seeing
  • Neuro- enhanced interfaces

Unlike the Industrial Revolution, the Cyber Human Revolution will see technology enable consumer and individual choice, bringing power back to labor and  life in new and unusual ways. Anticipate the below to  transfigure lives and unleash individual capacity to share, produce and perform in new ways.

Professions Reimagined, Lifestyles Unshackled

Changes to the body and  particular productivity will also enable a different and larger  pool. Another example of use cases for a new technology is to upgrade and enhance lifestyle. Some people may  conclude to live off- grid part- or indeed full- time, enabled by sustainable power sources, energy storehouse systems, water collection and monitoring, repurposing of waste into productive accoutrements  and so on.  Computers with  human- such like capabilities will crop, creating a new set of jobs. True telepresence will change the plant and  cultures of the labor force. Autonomous vehicles will repurpose commutes and allow asset- lite living. Anticipate the  rapid-fire relinquishment and deployment of the following catalysts:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Invisible interfaces
  • Commercial and companion robotics
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Blockchain decentralized asset  operation

Meanwhile, mega productivity centers will crop , which are formerly taking root in some of the world’s fastest growing metropolises, and will appear as ultramodern- day  self- sufficient  townlets. These megacities will bear new structure and design with the network at the core.

The Sensor Driven World: Sentient Metropolises

Real use cases for a new technology incorporates the adoption of data driven technology. The  increase in data- driven  exertion has only begun. A confluence of technologies enabling Smart metropolises are on an accelerated growth wind. We believe the  future civic  geography won’t only be “smart;” it’ll be  self- adaptive via artificial intelligence. And detectors bedded within the network as well as within services upon the network. The most progressive  metropolises will appear like adaptive organisms. Anticipate the following to be pervasive and decreasingly critical to lives and pool productivity:

  • Terabit speed
  • Intelligent bots
  • Proliferation of  small detectors
  • Virtual, mixed and  augmented reality

A  convergence of new services that work precise network capabilities municipalities must be highly futuristic and work with dispatches service providers to make  metropolises of the future. Metropolises must respond to the  adding demands of enterprises and  residers by bedding intelligence and new networks in  future design. We further  presume that just as metropolises are contending for growth machine enterprises like Amazon, they may have to contend for talented and professed  residers in the future too.

A new  geography of  operations and service providers will  crop , and we’re ready to enable them.

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Aeologic Technologies: Leading the Way to the Networks of the Future

So far we have discussed the real use cases for a new technology. Our technologists and product leaders are developing inventions across wired and wireless technologies, network infrastructures, security and artificial intelligence. Fleetly adopting inventions are  frequently best developed across ecosystems. And we unite across diligence dependent upon the network of the future to unleash their potential. However, you may be passing challenges related to the network or falling short with your  client experience, if your  result or service depends upon advanced networks. We help in removing these pain points and obstacles to your success.

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