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Top Tech Trends in Web Development

How Top Technology Trends Impact Web Development

In 2020 it was recorded that the internet has at least 200 Million websites and 1.8 Billion web applications to date. Understandability, with the disruptive revolution in play (thanks to the pandemic), this number might multiply by 4x the coming year. This means, that the web competition is getting intensified as we get older in time. But, as much as these numbers look promising, the reality of web competition is exceptional and deadly, which implies that there are creative digital trends making a headline every minute.

But only a select few technologies and trends are relevant for businesses and calls for attention in this article. Knowing and working on different technologies in and out for both private and public sector companies, we here in this article list and brief a select few technological trends that impact the web development activity massively today–

Machine Learning– There was a time when Spy or James Bond movies made no sense at all, but notoriously these movies did give a peek of what a digital future would look like. Machine Learning is one of the umbrella technologies of Artificial Intelligence and is used to “learn” our daily activities on the world wide web. In short, Machine Learning is the ability of the software used to improvise daily performance without the mediation of any developers.

“Much of what we do with machine learning happens beneath the surface. Machine learning drives our algorithms for demand forecasting, product search ranking, product and deals recommendations, merchandising placements, fraud detection, translations, and much more. Though less visible, much of the impact of machine learning will be of this type — quietly but meaningfully improving core operations.”- Jeff Bezos

Voice Search- We are at present witnessing the beginning of the era of voice search. Easily accessible and 80% accurate, the digital voice assistant powered by both Google and Apple are now in the hands of nearly every smartphone users. Apart from voice assistants, the transition to voice interfaces are also talked about a lot, because of these two much-needed addressed features-

Ease of Use– Communication is something that no one has to learn, and the advent of voice search and interface can offer so much ease to older adults and children. Without the need for a learning curve, the older generation can extract support from these two innovative search assistants.

Affordability- There was a time where Alexa was only available but within the last two years many affordable voice search assistants are now available in the market.

Progressive Web Applications- Also known as PWAs are actually the hottest web development trends of 2020. PWAs offer a high level of functionality but look like regular web apps. A clear example of this is WhatsApp (allowing web apps and website to load even when there is no internet connection).

Blockchain- The mention of blockchain cannot be missed. This decentralised technology has paved the way for many web applications today. The distributed ledger tech promises anonymity and privacy over the entire network it is laid on further diminishing the whole need of central authority.

Final Words

It’s can be easily assumed that the future of the digital world belongs entirely to disruptive technologies. AeoLogic works with the Government of India and assists them in understanding and strategizing the entire framework of disruptive tech. To understand how disruptive tech and web technologies can help your business grow online, connect with us for a quick consultation.