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India Developed BharOS Operating System for Smartphones

India Developed BharOS Operating System for Smartphones

B.harOS is a considerable step towards developing a robust indigenous digital setup in India. Since India developed BharOS operating system for smartphones. Here we have pinned the key points to understand more about the indigenous mobile operating system.

With the target of creating a “self-reliant India,” a company that was incubated at IIT Madras has developed a mobile operating system. The developers are calling it “BharOS” and claiming that it would help the nation’s 100 crore mobile phone subscribers.

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Here we have chalked out the key points to understand more about India developed BharOS operating system for smartphones.

  1. Built by JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops), the aim of BharOS mobile operating system, according to its creators, is to deliver consumers greater freedom, power, and flexibility, which can only be transformed according to their needs. The technology is claiming to entirely change how users perceive security and privacy on mobile devices.
  2. However, India developed BharOS operating system for smartphones that comes with no pre-loaded apps. As compared to Android, where OEMs supply the phone with a few native and default Google apps, customers will get the majority of the storage capacity. Therefore, one won’t be bound to use apps they may not be familiar with or confident with if they are using BharOS.
  3. You will be able to get Native Over the Air (NOTA) patches, similar to Android smartphones. The NOTA upgrades, as per the developers, are downloaded and installed on the mobile without requiring user intervention.
  4. Furthermore, India developed BharatOS operating system will also provide OS users access to reliable applications from Organization Specific Private App Store Services (PASS). As per the makers, PASS is offering access to a vetted selection of apps that have undergone demanding testing and follow the organization’s privacy and security criteria. Users can therefore feel secure knowing that the programs they download are secure. Moreover, they are safe for using and have been checked for any potential security vulnerabilities or privacy concerns.
  5. BharOS will only be available to some particular institutions, whose users are handling sensitive information that needs confidential communication over restricted apps on mobile.
  6. Nonetheless, details about notification settings, home screen widgets, battery monitoring, and privacy options are not yet revealed.

How is BharOS different from Android?

In terms of technicality, BharOS and Android are similar but there are a few differences. India developed  BharatOS operating system for smartphones is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The main difference between Google’s Android OS and BharOS is that BharOS does not ship with Google services. And therefore, it will be allowing users to install apps of their interest.

Talking about the features, BharOS is not that different from Google’s Android as BharOS is based on AOSP. On the other hand, BharOS does not come with any pre-installed applications.

However, it is not certain how an individual could replace a pre-install OS with BharOS. On the contrary, there are also no details as of now on how long the BharOS will receive security and software updates. Moreover, it is also not certain if the team that has built BharOS will join hands with the OEM for launching the smartphone supported by BharOS.

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Subsequently, the developers of BharOS have offered no information on when the OS will be available for download. In addition to this, there are no details about which smartphones will be supporting BharOS. However, it is projected from the developers to collaborate with some smartphones manufacturer. For launching smartphones with BharOS in the near future.

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Final Thoughts

BharOS could be a potential alternative to Android and IOS, particularly for businesses and organizations in need of a secure and privacy-focused mobile operating system. While it may not replace Android as of now, strong support from smartphone manufacturers and users is vital for its adoption. Only time will tell if BharOS will ever be able to overthrow Android as the default mobile OS in India. For now, it might be a daunting task.


What is the BharOS operating system?

BharOS is an Android open source project (AOSP)-based operating system backed by the Indian government. And built by an IIT Madras-incubated firm. It is currently being offered to organizations that are having stringent privacy and security requirements. And whose users handle sensitive information.

Is BharOS created on Android?

BharOS is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This is making it somewhat similar to Google’s Android operating system.