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Simplify Your Onboarding Process with Custom Software Solutions

Simplify Your Onboarding Process with Custom Software Solutions

The Importance of Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of adding new employees to an organization and helping them understand the company’s policies, culture, and procedures. Effective onboarding can assist new employees to feel welcome and motivated. Hence, leading to better retention rates and job satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to simplify your onboarding process with custom software solutions. On the other hand, a poor onboarding experience can be leading to higher turnover rates, lesser productivity, and higher costs for the organization.

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The Challenges of Traditional Onboarding

Traditional onboarding processes are usually manual and paper-based, which can be error-prone and time-consuming. HR staff must manually input employee data, which can be a tedious, frequent, and repetitive process. In addition, traditional onboarding processes can produce outcomes in miscommunication and delays in paperwork processing. Thus, it can lead to delays in the new employee’s joining date.

A Few Onboarding Statistics to Cover

Let us emphasize a few statistics on employee onboarding. This will facilitate building a strong concept of why you need automated custom software solutions. The following facts and stats are based on Finances Online’s Research.

  • 54% of companies with powerful employee onboarding programs are experiencing greater employee engagement.
  • Companies are attaining a 25% employee retention rate due to good onboarding programs.
  • 77% of employees undergoing a formal onboarding process succeeded in attaining performance goals.
  • Onboarding programs are good at enhancing employee retention rates by 25%.

The data mentioned above indicates how dominating the employee onboarding program is.

Key Features of Custom Software Solutions

An ideal employee onboarding system should have the following features to successfully run the employee onboarding process. Keep reading to know more about the best custom software solution for your HR process.

Customizing Offer Letter:

An automated employee onboarding or custom software solutions should have a separate option for customizing and generating offer letters. Instead of asking the recruiters each and every time about an offer letter, you can integrate the automated tool. In order to generate one the moment the manager selects a potential candidate.

Easy Management Approval:

The custom software solution should even have the flexibility for easy management approval. Getting approval from the management at the last stage is very imperative and even time-taking. There are times when you are required to put the candidate on hold. Just because of the fact that you failed to connect with the management team. With the help of this tool, you can automate the entire process. And therefore, ensure a smoother onboarding function in the organization.

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Document Verification:

One of the major segments of onboarding employees in the company is verifying documents. During this process, the recruiters tend to ask the employees for sharing relevant information like bank details, personal details, educational certificates, professional documents, and many more. Definitely, you want all these documents to be confirmed. The automated tool will be verifying and check the authenticity of the documents without putting in any manual effort.

Single Employee Database:

A web-based employee database will load all the details of every individual who will be joining the organization. Instead of maintaining a pen and paper register and banging their head on walls. All while searching for relevant detail, the tool will be enabling the users to fetch information whenever they want. Therefore, requiring to access the database and use the data.

What Makes the Automated Employee Onboarding Process So Important?

Employee onboarding is undoubtedly the most considerable business operation. It is challenging until you automate the complete process. Here is why it is necessary.


Automating the new employee onboarding process will be saving a huge time for other activities. Saving time, you can get the chance for spending on other important tasks that are more related to the business.

Manual onboarding takes ample time. However, with automated software, one can enjoy a rapid onboarding process.

Eliminate Manual Errors:

Employee onboarding involves dealing with a number of papers and documents. Entering data and validating employee details are parts of this employee onboarding process. Therefore, when you are doing the entire task manually, you are turning the process more susceptible to risks. Thanks to these custom software solutions for decreasing the chance of these manual errors and eliminating the risks completely. Instead, the tool recognizes the errors on time and generates outcomes with 100% accuracy.

Better Productivity:

We have already identified how onboarding leads to improved productivity in the statistics segment. This becomes more important when you have a proper tool. In order to handle the HR process. Productivity is always the primary necessity for every business. Since the automated system will save plenty of time from the custom software solution. Managers immediately get enough time for developing the knowledge and skillsets of the team members. This will create a chance for the managers to devise the productivity level again.

Easy Access to Employee Details:

Another leverage of integrating online employee onboarding software is easy to access to employee information. Often, the process involves sharing personal and professional details, educational information, and much more. For a manager, it becomes tiring and, at the same time, challenging to bring out the needed data in no time. This is when you need custom software solutions. The tool has a single platform where the database contains all the employee details. This is allowing users to fetch the required field of information at any time.

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Custom software solutions can facilitate businesses in simplifying the onboarding process, saving time and money. All while boosting employee satisfaction and retention rates. Therefore, by customizing workflows, automating administrative tasks, providing real-time communication, and augmenting data security. The solution can help businesses to streamline their onboarding process and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

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