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  • Author: Manoj Kumar
AI in Airline Industry

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Airline Industry

Nowadays airlines want to be consumer-centric and improve the way to communicate with their consumers. Airlines are aiming to give astonishing experiences to its passengers at every touchpoint starting from making an inquiry to the departure of the flight, handling all the queries passengers have and also receiving the feedback from them, and following the…

digital transformation agency

Top Digital Transformation Consulting / Companies / Agencies

When you are searching top digital transformation agency from below listing digital transformation companies. Before going on a hunt for a digital transformation company you need to decide what you are expecting to achieve first by mapping out a clear digital strategy. What is digital transformation? “Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and…

Cloud Technology for Mobile App Development

How Cloud Technology is Beneficial for App Development?

Developments keep happening in the digital landscape, but cloud technologies are the ones that evolve instantly and the pandemic has just expedited this by many folds. From March  2020 until now, i.e. November 2020, nearly every company in the world or at least 90% of businesses has successfully transitioned to cloud computing. This means that…

Cloud computing in healthcare

How Cloud Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, with the largest number of legacy systems combined with the amount of highly sensitive and personal information, becomes one of the most challenging ones to transform. Many governments all over the world, face numerous issues in their quest for digitizing healthcare services. Whereas, the entire healthcare system, as a whole, faces a…

Top Tech Trends in Web Development

How Top Technology Trends Impact Web Development

In 2020 it was recorded that the internet has at least 200 Million websites and 1.8 Billion web applications to date. Understandability, with the disruptive revolution in play (thanks to the pandemic), this number might multiply by 4x the coming year. This means, that the web competition is getting intensified as we get older in…

Cybersecurity for Automotive Industry

Why Cybersecurity Has Become Indispensable for Automotive Industry

With constantly evolving smart technologies in the world, the automotive industry has witnessed considerable technological changes. These smart advanced technologies have been integrated among themselves, enabling more safer, convenient, and cost-effective solutions. Today, the automotive industry is majorly driven by consumer preferences and innovations. The growth of connected vehicles is expected to increase the need…

Cybersecurity in Banking

Cybersecurity in Banking and Financial Sectors

Cybersecurity is not just a technology but is the ultimate jurisdiction for survival on the internet. The technology acts as a shield for every business and helps them conduct their operations online and offline, both safely and securely. Although the tech is important for every organization, but banking is one sector that cannot exist without…

Cycber Security in Banking

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Banking

Cybersecurity is important for any profit or non-profit organization, it matters for every business. But, for banks, they carry vital information about their customers, so the stakes are even higher. Financial institutions carry some very important data and criminals know it. So it becomes imperative for banks and financial institutions to have a robust cybersecurity…