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  • Author: Manoj Kumar
Cloud Computing On The Banking Sector

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The Banking Sector

The Big Data revolution in the last 5 years has helped companies improve their capacities of accessing and mining data. And this rigorous exercise has directly burdened their IT servers further forcing the industry to zero on more effective, efficient and viable digital solutions. With the banking industry being the most immediate recipient of such…

How Hyper-Automation is Transforming Construction

How Hyper-Automation is Transforming the Construction Industry

Alright, “Hyper-Automation” sounds like a big word and before we see how this future technology is transforming the construction industry, we need to understand what exactly is Hyper-Automation. So, let’s start with the basics. Hyper-Automation basically refers to continuous automation in businesses. When we keep integrating automation into our business operations, we hyper-automate. This process…

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Banking Industry

The banking industry is a saturated market, and banks have had to explore and adopt the latest technologies to provide the best customer experience in order to stay competitive in this market. The banking industry has always faced a challenge to maintain security in order to maximize efficiency as cost-effectively as possible. For meeting these…

Cloud Data in Transportation

How Is Cloud Data Influencing The Transportation Industry

The cloud-powered solutions and their applications can be found in many industries serving a diverse range of customers. The inherited scaling ability and flexibility in any cloud service is what makes it one solution for all. The transportation industry, in particular, is very capital intensive. Companies want to cover a large geographical area and offer…