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ERP Benefits for Manufacturing Industry

How Gate Entry Module in ERP Benefits Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is highly dynamic, versatile and most competitive in nature which makes it really very important or urgent for such businesses to have an integrated solution that can enhance manufacturing efficiency, cut down costs, increase sales and profitability. Most importantly, enable the organization to make accurate decisions. Therefore, the manufacturing industry uses ERP…

cloud computing benefits

How Manufacturers can Benefit from Cloud Computing

According to the recent survey, by the end of year 2023 almost half of the software services used by the manufacturers would be hosted in the cloud. The fourth industry revolution has led a rapid digitalization. In fact, 76% of the manufacturers expects their operations to be highly digitalized. For Enterprises looking to deliver a…

How Big Data Can Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

With the growth of technology and services, huge amount of data is generated every second. This produced data are structured, semi-structured and unstructured. We can use these data for our business goals and benefits. Big data analysis is not specific to one industry, it can extend to anything which we may even not heard of….

Big Data in Manufacturing

The Use of Big Data In Manufacturing Industry

Approximately 40 exabytes of data is generated every month by a single smartphone user that could be in the form of texts, phone calls, emails, photos, video searches, and music. Imagine this number gets multiplied by 3.5 billion smartphone users, that’s a lot of numbers for a mind to process, isn’t it? This colossal amount of…

Augmented Reality Will Disrupt Manufacturing

How Augmented Reality Will Disrupt The Manufacturing Industry

Augmented Reality is one of the most talked-about innovation right now. Businesses and enterprises understood its potential for entertainment products — like TikTok and Pokemon Go. Others explore its potential for hardware — the market of AR glasses is forecasted to reach 19.1 million units. With such a wide adoption of the technology, it’s natural…

Cyber Security in Smart Manufacturing

How to Strengthen Cyber Security in Smart Manufacturing

It’s 2020, and it’s the era of digitalization of things. If you observe closely, every element of our daily life is handled digitally. While digital transformation has made our lives simpler and more efficient, it has also increased the possible threat to our personal important information. Especially when it comes to businesses and different industries,…

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Landscape in the Manufacturing Sector

Seldom does a week go by without a report in the press of a cyber-security incident, with sectors from the health service through transportation to retail suffering data breaches, data losses, or disruptions of service. Cybersecurity does not belong only to the IT departments anymore— globally its importance has been noticed in the board rooms…