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Logistics Automation is Driving Growth Across Key Sectors

How Logistics Automation is Driving Growth Across Key Sectors?

In this modern era of business, automation has become an integral part, and logistics automation has driven growth across key sectors. Various industries have seen massive improvements in their productivity with the implementation of logistics automation. in this blog, we’ll discuss three sectors that have changed dynamically in a very positive way with the implementation of logistics automation.

Before we dig into it, It will be correct to state that the time we’re living in is the most advanced time in technology if we compared it with the past few years. With the evolution in the world of technology, we have witnessed some highly impressive changes in the businesses of many industries. Logistics and supply chain industries have also shown phenomenal growth with the implementation of technologies.

Indian Logistics Classification

Logistics is getting the right cargo moved from one place to another, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right place, in the right condition, and to the right consumer. In India the logistics are being divided into twelve different verticals that are as follows:

  1. Courier & express services
  2. Cand transportation
  3. Warehouse – storage & packaging
  4. Air cargo operations
  5. EXIM logistics – FF and CC
  6. Cold chain solution
  7. E-commerce
  8. Inland waterways
  9. Supply chain
  10. Terminals, ICDs, and CFS operations
  11. Liquid logistics
  12. Fluid logistics

Hence there are a lot of verticals in the logistics in India and a ton of opportunities that the logistics industry offers.

To optimize these verticals and reap maximum benefits from logistics the need for automation has risen in past few years, especially after the global pandemic of covid-19. The pandemic made the business owners realize that to excel they need some techniques to run their operations smoothly and efficiently and that can be done by implementing automation in it.


Automation is a technique of making a process or a system operate automatically. Automation of any process stands for an advanced improvement that software can do to a business. To put it simply your work processes are automated when they are self-managed or self-conducted and don’t need anyone to manually work on their routine tasks

Automation in logistics can bring your business more value by optimizing the supply chain allowing the drivers to take the best routes created by artificial intelligence (AI) or advanced analytics and automated warehouse management. The possibilities are endless and you just have to find the solution that optimizes your business in the most astonishing way possible.

Logistics automation not only increases value but also can significantly accrete the profits of the company. Lets us explore the various key sectors that are driving growth with logistics automation.

Logistics Automation In Retail & Ecommerce

Automation involves artificial intelligence (AI) so, with the implementation of automation artificial intelligence (AI) can find patterns in customer behavior from prior purchases, demographic decisions, etc. This allows the retailers to personalize interactions with customers and present more relevant experiences that drive enhanced conversion rates.

Average order value and customer support AI-powered recommender engines can make recommendations based on tons of data points. AI models are perfect to optimize collection as different stores can have different customers’ weather, display, and inventory capacity. Besides, looking at previous factors AI can also look at a variety of factors like past sales, local trends, or online behavior. This allows to sell products at full price and avoid stock outs as inventory can be sent before products run out.

Logistics Automation In Hospitals

Modern hospitals are using automation in countless ways and the reason behind this is that the hospitals are finding ways to become more efficient and safer. To implement automation in the correct way they’re able to put more time and energy in front of the patients. Logistics automation enables to move things so that the hospital staff doesn’t have to.

It can be an automated guided vehicle that moves as much as half a ton slowly through the hospitals or can be a pneumatic tube system that moves as much as 30 miles an hour through the hospitals or even across town.

The implementation of logistics automation in the hospitals will enable the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry to achieve in becoming different, smart, and better in a dynamic world that’s changing faster than ever.

Logistics Automation In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges in its day-to-day operations challenge of having a proper flow of information, lack of proper detection of any damage in the products, and inaccurate inventory management are some of the challenges. These problems collectively cause huge losses to the manufacturing business. To overcome these challenges logistics automation is being implemented as it enables effective and efficient coordination within the manufacturing industry. The production cycle and turnaround time get smoothly redefined by implementing robotics to manage in-factory logistics.

Many business owners in the manufacturing industry have started implementing logistics automation. This is being done as they have witnessed the impressive improvement in increasing throughput speed, decreasing downtime, and increasing overall productivity.


To sum up, automation is the new key feature that is getting used to run the workflow of the business automatically. This technique results significantly in uplifting the overall productivity and decreases the errors in the process made by humans. Logistics is the backbone of every economy and thus it plays a decisive role in the success or failure of various industries. Implementing logistics automation in various key sectors will give outstanding results.

Above mentioned three sectors/industries are the ones which we have picked up for this blog, not to mention there are many other industries that have seen magnificent improvement by implementing logistics automation.

Hence it will be right to state that logistics automation is becoming an integral part of various sectors/industries. So, if you want to drive growth in your business from any industry then you should implement logistics automation in it. We’ll suggest gathering information about it.

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